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A group of parents from local Chorleywood Schools have set up an organisation to help residents during these uncertain times.

They can pick up food shopping, run local errands and do their best to get hold of urgently needed supplies. They are happy to pick up non-essential items too like flowers, chocolate and birthday cards. Most importantly they can provide emotional comfort during these difficult times.

The group can be contacted by visiting the website at  where details of volunteers can be found by road. Alternatively, email  :

or call: Vanessa on 07872 903486. If you would like to volunteer to help please contact Vanessa by e mail.

Updates and a growing list of road volunteers will be available on the St Andrews website at the address above.

The community group is working in partnership with the Churches in Chorleywood. Including St Andrew’s and Christ Church.

Additional Food bank donation drop off points have also been opened at St Andrew’s EVERY Friday 9.30am-11am and Christ Church EVERY Tuesday 8.30am-11am

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