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Crossword 35
was the last puzzle for the time being. The Editor of Village News has kindly provided a crossword archive of all the past puzzles – so if you have only recently discovered this site, there are lots of past puzzles to keep you busy during my summer break. If you want a good, entertaining light read over the next few weeks, go to my author page /Amazon via the links below this puzzle. You will not be disappointed. Start with The Case of the Sleeping Beauty.
Village News – Crossword 35 Solutions
1: cape 3: stares 9: denture 10: angle 11: vicar (VI + car) 12: rattled 13: rite of passage 17: stimuli 19: never 21: elect 22: illicit (ic = in charge) 23: tussle 24: slum
Down: 1: cadaver 2: panic 4: toast 5: regalia 6: steed 7: quarto 8: necrophilia 14: triceps 15: single (Not a ‘return ticket) 16: erratum 17: smelt (yes, it’s a fish) 18: until 20: vocal

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