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Cryptic Crossword Number 5. Grid 3   set by Richard Walmsley – author of 8 novels.
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Crossword 10 (Ref No. 16.6) Grid 4

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Village Crossword Puzzle 9 Solutions

Across: 1: languid  4: attic  7:  unborn  9: Lancet  11:  domesticate  12: yobby  13: ditch 18: vacuousness  19: pundit  22: tussle  24: clock  25: artisan

Down: 1: laundry  2: nib  3: innate      4: Aga  5: tic  6: cater  8: overboard  9: lace 10: nutrients  14: has-been  15: curt  (=short : R = river abbreviated) 16: punter  17: topic 20: neo  21: ilk  23 SOS

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New book from the above crossword compilier.

Local writer - Richard Walmsley's latest novel. Death is Buried is the fourth novel set in Abruzzo, Italy, with Commissario Beppe Stancato at the helm. It has a modern theme - concerning the mafia burying toxic waste in the Italian countryside. This novel is available on Amazon Kindle. The paperback version should be ready by beginning 23 November.  

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