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This website has local news submitted by the local populace. Every week an email is sent to more 2000 (and growing) locals who have actively opted in to receive the email newsletter and that then directs them to this website. The mailing list is strictly "opt-in" so advertisers can be sure that each subscriber has positively requested to receive the material. Hence each newsletter is read and not discarded un-read like most leaflets dropped through letterboxes.

The adverts on this website can have a 'life' longer than just one week - i.e. "I need a Plumber and remember one advertised on the website a few weeks ago. I'll look it up and give him a ring."

The address of this website can also easily be forwarded to other parties - i.e. "I don't need a builder myself but Jack next door was looking for one recently. I'll forward the URL to him."

Advert formats: You can email plain text or you might choose to submit a graphic or PDF as an advert. Graphics can be resized for you at no extra charge, but please be aware that small sized text may not be clearly legible if shrunk from a larger graphic. (Proofs can be sent to you prior to publication.) There is no maximum height to an advert (within reasonable limits) but please be note that very tall adverts may require scrolling to be read and hence be less user-friendly.

Email your material to any of the email addresses on this page, thus making it very clear in which page of the website you require the advert to appear. If you want your ad to appear in more than one page then send your request direct to the and a reasonable rate can certainly be negotiated.

Costs for advertising are here