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Added July 1st 2020

The Arts Society Beaconsfield, on-line lecture
THURSDAY 2nd JULY 10.30am

Livery Companies in the 21st Century
Their role, relevance and impact
by Paul Jagger

Paul Jagger is Court Assistant of the Worshipful Company of Information Technology and the author of a number of books.


The City of London’s Livery Companies predate the Norman Conquest but they remain vibrant and relevant in the 21st century. There are more Livery Companies and more members of Livery Companies now than at any time in recorded history. Thirty-three new Livery Companies have been formed in the past 90 years, and 5 more are in the pipeline. This lecture explores the role, relevance and impact of the Livery Companies as they are today - unique institutions who thrive in a realm which lies beyond the limits of logic: The Great and Famous City of London.


For members: To attend the live lecture, look out for an email on Wednesday 1st July.  There is lots of space as so far we are only reaching 60%-70% capacity.

To watch the recording, look out for an email on Thursday 2nd July at around 12.30pm.


Guests are also welcome to attend. Go to  our web-site: www.theartssocietybeaconsfield.org.uk  and CONTACT US


Details of our future summer online programme can be found on our website. All the lectures are on a Thursday and will start at 10.30am. The method of delivery may vary.


  • July 16th Christina Rossetti; Poetry in Art by Susan Owens

  • August 6th  The Dutch Golden Age by Mariska Beekenkamp

  • September 3rd Deceiving the Eye  by Sian Walters

Added June 24th 2020

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