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Added Jan 20th 2021

Yalden DIY & Garden

When Lockdown began in March 2020, the first thing that had to be done was to cancel or postpone the 2020 Literary Festival.  Initially, it was hoped to restage it this year.  After the events of late 2020, decisions were eventually made.  A full festival with crowded venues could not be guaranteed and so it was decided to try for a smaller event.
Over the weekend of 13th – 16th May it is hoped to present a festival combining literary events in association with the Gardens Association, Milton’s Cottage and a musical event at The Vache. 
Events at Milton’s Cottage and The Vache will be outside, the rest will be indoors and quite possibly subject to limited audience sizes.   Arrangements are being made, if restrictions make it necessary, to hold some on Zoom or live streamed.   As the aim of authors who speak at festivals is to sell their books, some literary events may not be possible on Zoom.
Meanwhile, planning is also in hand for a full festival in May 2022.  This should include many of the speakers who would have been joining us last year and who have said they look forward to doing so.
Updates will either be on the website, on the weekly newsletter or on social media. 
Something to look forward to – we hope.
Competitive rates, free estimates, free courtesy cars,
insurance and non fault claims.
Politeness in CSG - A reply to Ms Lamb’s recent post

Whilst in general I agree with Ms Lamb’s recent post re the politeness of CSG residents when giving space to one another when out and about, regrettably her assessment is far too generous. Walking along Narcott Lane regularly brings us into contact with many runners - a large proportion of whom give no quarter and pant their way past, often talking too, within a whisker of this respondent and his dog with no consideration whatsoever. Whilst I applaud and admire their strenuous efforts to keep fit, consideration for others and the risks of the virus is sadly lacking in a majority. A little more consideration would not go amiss - afterall I might be infectious too!!

Mark Dallaway

Added Jan 13th 2021

Registered Charity 300264
Fawcett Trust

At Christmas 2020 the Fawcett Trust, a Chalfont St Giles village charity, invited applications for financial help from people in limited financial circumstances who were aged over 70 and had lived in the village for 20 years or more.

We handed out vouchers to 24 households of which 7 were couples and 17 living alone.  Depending on their circumstances, the recipients received amounts between £70 and £125.

The vouchers are exchangeable in the village and we are grateful to the Co-Op, Warners, Fruits and Roots, Village News and Yaldens for their help in accepting these vouchers from customers.

Our ability to give the vouchers is dependent on the gifts we receive and we thank the Parish Council, St Giles Church and kind individuals for their generosity in making this possible.

Further contributions to help future gifts will always be gratefully received.

Richard Bolton, Treasurer

Heatherlea, Gorelands Lane, Chalfont St Giles

Affordability of Council Tax

It looks like the Council Tax overall will increase by 5% plus this year.  I wonder how many people will have difficulty in paying for this, year by year above inflation increase. Council Tax has become a major monthly outgoing for many people.

The problem with Council Tax is that people with bigger houses are subsidised by modest houses.
There are only 8 property value bands, the highest being anything above £320.000, based on the last valuation in 1991, 30 years ago. We now have houses worth 6Mill and the payment is the same as for a very modest house.All over Bucks there are many houses worth over 1Mill.
My point is that if people paid according to the value, people in the lower tier could have their Council Tax reduced and there would  be enough money left for better Council services.

In the 1st instant it would be necessary to revalue properties. It would not be too difficult with computer programs like "Street View''. and frankly needs to be done if people are to pay  a fair amount of Council Tax. It may need government approval, but it sho8ld not be beyond our Council Leaders and Members of Parliament to get this agreed. This is especially since we will now face direct price increases from Brexit as well as indirect increases because of the outflow of Capital. Then of course there is the cost of Covid19, all this will make us a lot poorer.

So please BucksCC right this unfairness. May I also suggest that the numbers of County Councillors could be substantially reduced, which would save a lot of money.


Karoline Lamb

Added Jan 6th 2021


To Ian and Kathleen from Seer Green, rescuers  ( and volunteers ) for the Wildlife Trust/Tiggy Winkles Wildlife Hospital, at Haddenham, Thame .

We found a badly hurt fox in the garden on Christmas Day and  after a phone call to the animal care centre , as this poor fox could hardly walk, they sent out Ian & Kathleen to rescue him. Thank You so much for your care  and your willingness to come out on Christmas Day.   Sadly, the fox was too badly injured to be saved but at least they  got him to the right people who could put him out of his pain.    Thank you to everyone involved. .

Linda & Rick,  Bottrells Lane.

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Added Dec 30th 2020

Have you lost your teeth?

A denture was found in the woods at Stratton place I’m sure they may have fallen out of someone’s pocket. I have them safe in my possession. Call 07951 774296 for return.

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Since Covid distancing what is most noticeable in Chalfont St Giles and the surrounding area, is the politeness of people walking.,Everyone tries to keep the distance by moving off the pavement or on to the road or wait until someone else has passed. This is always done with a friendly greeting and a smile.
By the time one gets home one feels happy and uplifted.

If ever there is a price for the most polite and friendly village then Chalfont St Giles must be right near the top.

Karoline Lamb

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