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Added 28th February

There will not be any updates on March 6th.
These links are also on our website
where you can also find links to last year's show video, pictures and competition results.
Funding Update - 1 day until application deadline

Chalfont St Giles Show puts aside a sum each year, if profits allow, to give to local good causes and charities. Following the decision at the 2023 AGM to put aside up to £7,500 for this purpose, the Show Committee would like to invite organisations to apply for this round of funding.

Applications can be made with our pdf form click here and it will open in a new window. You then need to save it or print it. Or fill in the on-line form.

The deadline for completing applications is 29th February 2024.











Added 21st February





Jordans Village Community Store Ltd


Annual Members Meeting

Monday 11th March 2024

Notice is hereby given that the 100th Annual Members Meeting of the Society will be held in the Village Hall on Monday 11th March 2024 at 8:00pm.


The business of the meeting will be:


  • Approval of the Minutes from last year’s AMM.  If you need a copy of last year’s reports please email -
  • Chairman’s Report on behalf of the Management Committee.
  • Manager’s Report.
  • Financial Report and adoption of the Accounts for the 12 months ending 30th September 2023.
  • Seeking approval for the submission of our accounts in accordance with FCA rules.
  • Any other business.   Notes:  
  • All villagers will be welcome at the meeting, but only shareholders may vote.  Anyone wishing to purchase shares (£1 each), should contact me before the meeting.
  • Copies of the Chairman's report, Manager's report, and financial statements will follow by email in due course.
  • A copy of all the reports will also be available inside the shop and also on the community notice board at the side of the store. .
  • The present members of the Committee are: Phil Hughes (Chairman), Paul Wilson (Treasurer), Angela Hamme (Secretary), Ali Cork, Kate Ritchie, Louise Daughtrey and Phil George.  Sally Wilson, Lesley Bantock and Jill Jeffrey are invited to Committee Meetings in their role as joint shop managers.  If any shareholder is interested in joining the Committee, then please contact me in writing ASAP.


Please click the buttons below to download the reports.

Angela Hamme, Secretary

2023 AMM Minutes

AMM Suggestions





Click the poster above

Tickets also available from the Chalfont St Giles Community Library.



Added 14th February

Update from Affinity Water - See also the notice below, 13 Feb, regarding the environmental incident

Affinity Water is a ‘water only’ company and provides high-quality drinking water to our customers. We do not manage or process wastewater or sewage. We are aware of the pollution incident on the River Misbourne and informed the Environment Agency, that we have decided to stop abstracting water from our borehole downstream of Chalfont St Giles as a precautionary measure. We would like to reassure our customers that there has been no impact to the quality of their water supply. We will continue to monitor the situation and remain in close contact with the Environment Agency, as they respond to this environmental incident with Thames Water.



To celebrate 100 years, there’s a first prize of £100 in the March draw

2024 marks 100 years since the Memorial Hall opened in honour of the 54 men from Chalfont St Giles who gave their lives in the Great War. Built by public subscription, it has become a vital village amenity and a long-lasting tribute to the fallen of that war and other conflicts. Today, it continues to thrive thanks to your loyal support. We are so grateful.

Maintaining the Hall is an increasingly costly business. Our energy bills alone are around £10K. We do our best to keep going but we can’t do it without you. To celebrate our centenary, there will be numerous fundraising events during the year, the next of which is the brilliant Churchfitters Folk Group on Sunday March 24th. And because this is a very special year, we’re doubling our top prize to £100 with a second prize of £50 in our first draw . So, it’s more worthwhile than ever to play.

£100 and £50 prizes must be won on March 27th 2024.
The monthly lottery costs £12 for the year. That works out at a mere 3.2p a day, with the chance of winning a cash prize every month. Once again we'll be giving away around 20% of the pot. Last year we had 376 members and awarded 60 prizes totalling £1069. In any case, we guarantee prizes of £100 and £50 in our first draw on March 27th 2024. We'd like to give away even more. And we can if more people play. We appreciate times are hard, but please could you buy an extra ticket this year?

It’s so easy to join... Download this PDF. Pay by cheque or bank transfer.
Decide how many tickets you want and return the form to us. Please make cheques payable to: Chalfont St Giles Memorial Hall . To pay by bank transfer, please see form. If you have any queries, call Tony Hoare on 01494 872883. We will send your ticket as soon as possible. As long as we receive your application by March 27th 2024, you will be in the March draw. Don't worry if your lottery number arrives after that date.





Jordans Village Performs

Welcome to a special edition of the Jordans Village Newsletter bringing you news of the three upcoming events in the Jordans Village Performs Calendar.

We're thrilled to continue bringing you the best in local and outside talent, all right here in our charming village.

Upcoming Concerts
Mark your calendars for our next two exciting concerts (venue Jordans Village Hall):

Saturday, 2nd March @ 7.30pm
A musical game of two halves: sonorous cello and double bass, followed by Ukrainian fireworks.
Click here for tickets and more information

Saturday, 20th April @ 7.30pm
We Shadows: re-discovered piano treasures curated by Hannah Watson Emmrich.
Click here for tickets and more information

Sunday, 16th June @ 3.00pm
Annual General Meeting (Members only!): afternoon tea and a special concert by Jane Faulkner and Esther Cavett
. To become a member please apply HERE

Tickets and details of the two open access events are available now by following the links above, or via email to Don't miss out on these unforgettable performances!

About Jordans Village Performs
Jordans Village Performs is a community-driven initiative, created by village residents for village residents. Our goal is to showcase the incredible talent within our own community while also inviting performers from outside the village to share their artistry with us. Each concert promises to be a unique and uplifting experience, filled with music, laughter, and connection.

We believe in the power of music and performance to bring people together, and we're proud to provide a platform for both emerging and established artists to shine. Whether you're a lifelong resident or just passing through, we invite you to join us for an evening of entertainment and camaraderie at Jordans Village Performs.

We can't wait to see you at our next performance!
Sally Ash, Esther Cavett (chair), Bob Hall, and Heather Rowe — the JVP Committee



Added 13th February

Notification of environmental incident

We are currently responding to an environmental incident along the River Misbourne at Chalfont St Giles. Groundwater levels have been rising over the last month, which has led to groundwater entering the sewer network along the Misbourne valley. This has caused manholes to overflow and discharge sewage to land which is then infiltrating into the groundwater.

To help prevent this, Thames Water have taken action to reduce the amount of sewage entering the network downstream. As a result, their balancing tanks have been overflowing and discharging screened sewage into the River Misbourne (a chalk stream) since 3 January 2024. This initial report was classified as a category 2 incident, which we attended at the time and have been monitoring since.

Affinity Water have notified us today that they have had to close their abstraction borehole just downstream of the Thames Water balancing tanks in Chalfont St Giles due to the impacts of the pollution. We have now escalated the incident to a Category 1 due to the groundwater contamination. Category 1 incidents mean there is, or there is a potential to have, a Major impact on the environment.

Affinity Water have notified us that they have had to close their abstraction borehole at Chalfont St. Giles, which is downstream of the Thames Water Amersham balancing tanks, due to the impact. We have now escalated the incident to a Category 1 due to the closure of the borehole and the significant effect on the River Misbourne. Category 1 incidents mean there is, or there is a potential to have, a Major impact on the environment.

We are not aware of any reports of fish in distress, but significant quantities of sewage fungus are present in the river and we are monitoring the ecological impacts closely.

What are we doing?

We are coordinating our response with Thames Water and Affinity Water. In the short term, due to the high groundwater there is no solution to prevent water ingress into the sewage system and discharge to the river. We have been monitoring water quality and ecology and will be enhancing our monitoring for the foreseeable future. We have been working with and supporting the affected water companies in their response to this incident. We will continue to work with them and provide support with our monitoring data.

What can you do?

If you have information relevant to this incident, please contact our Incident Communications Service on 0800 80 70 60 quoting reference.



Added 7th February



Car Park Charges Increase?

Chalfont St Giles Parish Council have been made aware of an ongoing Buckinghamshire Council consultation that will affect Blizzards Yard car park.

The consultation is proposing to introduce a charge for Sunday and Bank Holiday parking which is currently free of charge.

Please click this link to read the details and have your say.