Frequently Asked Questions



Q. How many emails will I receive per week?
A. One

Q. Why the change to a web based information rather than put it all into an email?
1. More cost effective
2. Quicker
3. Updates between the weekly email
4. 2500 emails sent rather than 9000 per week, many people were getting several emails, one for each village and often they were very similar
5. Less bouncing of emails as a new email service has provided a cheaper and more robust service
6. Allows for specialist sections, like church and for sale, so if the reader isn't bothered about those then they don't have to scroll down past them
7. Gets rid of the 6pm Wednesday deadline as 'late' news can be dropped onto the website anytime
8. Saves putting the same blurb, like news from the council, onto every newsletter.

Q. How do you make this a free service?
A. A small fee is charged to profit making adverts and other commercial enterprises. I'm also extremely grateful to the sponsors to the various village specific pages.

Q. Why wasn't my advert included this week?
A. Deadline is 6pm Wednesdays. Also, the editor is a one man band and does other work to pay for his expensive toys. Sometimes he makes a mistake!

Q. Can I have my advert right at the top of the page every week?
A. Yes but it will cost you; everyone wants the same prominent position.