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Roadworks and diversions
Bear in mind that the Roadworks Map link, on the above website, isn't particularly useful as it will look as if the majority of roads are closed when they aren't and the dates for closure span many weeks with no specific closed dates. It's no wonder people ignore 'road closed' signs as they often are not. Ed

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Added 19th June

Countywide grass cutting and weed spraying programme is underway

Press Release from Buckinghamshire Council
19 June 2024
Countywide grass cutting and weed spraying programme is underway

In recent weeks, council crews have been busy working across the county as the annual programme of grass cutting and weed spraying gets underway.

Grass and roadside vegetation has grown even faster than usual for this time of year, following the very wet winter and ongoing spells of heavy rain throughout spring, together with periods of sunshine. To deal with this exceptionally fast growth, the council has brought in additional grass cutting crews.

Three rounds of cuts are scheduled at rural road junctions this year, in order to maintain good visibility for road users, with the first now completed. Two cycles of urban verge cuts are also programmed to take place in areas where this service has not been devolved to parish and town councils. The first urban cutting cycle has begun. Additionally, crews will be attending locations across the county where reports have been made of roadside cuts being needed to maintain road safety. To date more than 150 of these reactive cuts have taken place with crews primed to go out when new issues are reported on Fix my Street.

In addition to grass cutting, work is also in progress to tackle the growth of weeds alongside footways. Two cycles of weed spraying will be carried out across the whole county on all public footways over the coming months, as well as ‘siding out’ at targeted locations. This is the process of clearing edges of footways where weeds and vegetation have grown through. Crews will use Glyphosate to spray weeds. The chemical is not harmful to people or animals and can be used safely close to water courses. The spray is applied in a fine mist, in very small doses and starts to work within an hour of application. It can only be applied during dry weather.

Richard Barker, Buckinghamshire Council’s Corporate Director for Communities said: “Our crews will be working hard across coming months to keep on top of grass and weed growth around the county. Our inspectors regularly review all locations, but we would ask residents who spot areas where they feel the growth is making it difficult for road users, to report these to us via Fix My Street so we can investigate further and take quick action where needed.”

To report any issue on a road or street within Buckinghamshire visit: fix-my-street 



What's Happening this Weekend at COAM

This Saturday and Sunday from 10am until 5pm we have our Medieval Jousting event taking place.

Full Schedule

10:15 -11:00 Archery 20min display then ‘have a go’

11:00 - 11:45 Dancing with participation

11:45 - 12.15 Combats with trying of armour and weapons

12.30 Medieval Jousting

13.15 - 14:00 Archery 20min display then ‘have a go’

14:00 - 14:45 Dancing with participation

15:00 Medieval Jousting

16:00 - 16:30 Combats with trying of armour and weapons

Purchase a COAM Annual Membership and come to our Medieval Jousting and our other special events for free*. Memberships also help to support COAM.

*Excludes evening and private events, workshops, theatre and opera performances.

Book tickets



Loan Sharks


Sadly with a cost of living crisis loan sharks are becoming more prevalent.  Stoploansharks gives advice for those needing credit but can't access mainstream credit and also provides a phone line for reporting loan sharks on 0300 555 2222



The latest Stop Loan Sharks newsletter can be read here.


Volunteer Recognition Awards 2024

As part of Neighbourhood Watch Week celebrations last week, we launched the Volunteer Recognition Awards 2024 nominations and we want to remind you how you can nominate.


Neighbourhood Watch Network is so proud of our network of volunteers and the work that they do in their local communities.  From Coordinators of scheme and areas, to Association Leads and the Committees that support you and the Multi-Scheme Administrators that work so hard to the Cyberhood Watch Ambassadors that deliver crime prevention advice, they all have a part to play.


The Volunteer Recognition Awards are our way of say a huge thank you and winners will be presented with their awards at our annual Crime and Community Conference in September.


Last year we received over 500 nominations in the three categories and this was so well received that we have extended the categories to 5 this year.


The categories are:


  • Innovation and Reach
  • Crime Prevention
  • Community Health and Wellbeing
  • Young Volunteer of the Year
  • Special Recognition Award



More information about the categories can be found on our new and improved website: Volunteers nominated must be Neighbourhood Watch volunteers.  The awards are sponsored this year by SimpliSafe.


You only have a few weeks to nominate remaining so if you are thinking of nominating a Neighbourhood Watch volunteer, then do so HERE.


We are so looking forward to receiving and reading through the nominations and being able to celebrate the volunteers that provide so much help and support to their communities.



Buckinghamshire Community Safety News

Here's a link to the latest community safety newsletter from Bucks Council.

Any queries regarding this newsletter please contact:

Latest news on Community Safety in Buckinghamshire

Community Survey - Policing Issues Forum

I write to help dispel some of the confusion, generated by the announcement of a, seemingly, second community survey; being publicised on local social media channels, on behalf of Buckinghamshire policing area.

The Chiltern & South Bucks district have long been well-served by their Policing Issues Forum: Chiltern & South Bucks Policing Issues Forum – Community and Neighbourhood Police stronger together ( This provides an established platform upon which our community can receive salient information about policing, and provides a voice in shaping the service we provide. It is also a community-led body, which holds a level of independence from the police, and thus is an unparalleled example of public accountability.

Our counterparts in the Wycombe and Aylesbury Vale districts of Bucks, hold no existing equivalent to this process, and the publicised survey, was the first step in efforts to address these gaps for those respective regions. Unfortunately, having been publicised on social media channels, which includes this area, the media posts omitted to mention that the existing Policing Issues Forum survey remains the approved local process in Chiltern & South Bucks; serving as an example of best practice, and retains my full support.

The appropriate survey is still open to receive your vote, and can be found at: Chiltern & S Bucks Policing Issues Forum 26th June 2024 – Chiltern & South Bucks Policing Issues Forum ( As the website also mentions, a Teams meeting will follow the conclusion of the survey, on 26th June. At that meeting, the coming quarter's community priorities will be ratified, and I will present on the work which my teams have been engaged with; including the priorities from the previous survey results. I would welcome your involvement, and an invitation to the meeting can be obtained upon request, by emailing:

Social Media Summary
See here



Added 12th June

Registering to vote and the new photo ID requirements for the General Election

Buckinghamshire Council is reminding residents that to



Added 5th June

The June edition of OUR NEWS is here


Here are some highlights in June's edition:


- Neighbourhood Watch Week is here! It kicked off with The Big Lunch over the first weekend of June, and there's plenty of activity to look out for during the rest of the week


- Nominations are now open for our Volunteer Recognition Awards 2024 (nominations close on 30th June) - click here to vote!


- The NW Shop is offering a 24-hour flash sale on 4 [popular products from 9am Tuesday 4th June - 9am Wednesday 5th June: NW lanyards (individual and packs of 10), NW mugs (individual and packs of 36), NW small wheelie bin stickers and NW new crime prevention booklets!


- Issue 7 of The Lookout has arrived, with hot takes and fresh perspectives from students on safety and wellbeing - click here to read it!


- The Our Watch website gets a fresh look - check it out from Thursday 6th June


- Patlock offers NW members an extra discount from 24th - 30th June, to celebrate the Month of Community


- SimpliSafe offers advice on securing your home during the summer months





Added 22nd May

On Sunday July 7th Chilterns Crematorium are hosting an Open Day for the local community to provide education around cremation processes and dispel industry myths as well as encouraging the conversation around death and dying.

This is a free to attend event which we hope will provide important knowledge in key areas of end of life processes as well as giving the public an opportunity to ask any questions, speak to industry experts and learn the process of cremation.

This event is open to all.

We will be hosting three repeated ‘open’ sessions during which time attendees are invited to come and speak to industry experts at 10,11 and 12 O’clock.

We will also be providing tours of the facilities and crematory.  The crematory tours will be limited on numbers and will require booking in advance, in half hour slots from 10-1pm

For more information we request that contact be made to our offices.

Tel: 01494 724263

Tel: 01296 350019



New home energy efficiency grant scheme launches in Bucks

Grants of up to £30,000 are now available for energy efficiency improvements for homes. These measures can include work such as loft insulation and window replacements. Eligible households in Buckinghamshire who own properties with an Energy Performance Certificate rating of D or below (D to G) can take advantage of this opportunity.


This local scheme, named the Domestic Building Envelope Energy Efficiency (DBEEE) Grant, is fully funded from Buckinghamshire Council’s allocation from the Government’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund.


If a resident is approved for a DBEEE Grant and they are given the go ahead for home improvement works, then the council will pay the contractor after the work has been completed. To qualify for the grant, all works must be completed and grant claims submitted by 31 December 2024.


Residents should enquire about the grant through Better Housing Better Health. To qualify, residents need to provide necessary proofs, including a quotation for the desired improvement work on their homes.


More information on the DBEEE Grant can be found on the council’s website.


For residents who aren’t looking to have major work done on their homes, the council’s Energy Doctor scheme offers a range of free energy and water saving measures. These include hot water insulation jackets and reflective radiator panels. To find out if you are eligible for an Energy Doctor visit, go to the council’s Energy Doctor webpage.


Council pledges extra £500k for gully cleansing and roadside drainage repairs


Buckinghamshire Council has pledged an additional £500,000 for repeat gully cleansing and repairing roadside drainage as part of a programme to ensure the county is as protected as possible against heavy rainfall and potential flooding. The funding is on top of the £110m committed over four years from the council’s budget to tackle highways repairs, with extra focus being given to a number of high priority areas.


With the highest rainfall for more than 200 years throughout winter and spring, in recent months many areas within Buckinghamshire have experienced flooding and related problems. To bolster resilience to flooding and heavy rain, the council will use the new funding to carry out extra cleansing of high priority gullies that need it in addition to its regular planned gully maintenance, to ensure they are in prime condition to cope with periods of sudden heavy or prolonged rainfall. New ditches and 'grips' to remove water from the road will also be created in some problem areas, and damaged drainage systems will be repaired so that water can flow away more easily.


For the past four years, the council has allocated funding to clean all 85,000 gullies across the county as part of a regular cycle. Gullies are an important part of the highway drainage system that minimise flood damage. This will be the fourth year of clearing out the gullies and making repairs where necessary, helping the gullies to work at their best, protecting property and minimising the damage to highways caused by runoff from roads.