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Added Jan 20th 2021

Amersham Chalfonts and Missendens Jan Newsletter

Community Forum

The priorities for your Neighbourhood Policing Team (NHPT) are decided by the Community Forum. This steering group is made up of local residents and representatives from organisations across the area. The forum is not run by the police, although we do attend as representatives. This allows us to speak to a wide cross-section of the community, find out what you most want improved in the area, and consider how we and others can accomplish these aims. The top three priorities are chosen by the forum every three months and are then assumed by your Neighbourhood Policing Team.

You asked us to concentrate on:

Priority 1; Burglary

We did;

With the dark nights and mornings upon us, we expected the number of burglaries to increase during the autumn and winter seasons. Analysis shows that it is criminals from around the south of England that have been targeting properties in our areas. Being the victim of a burglary is one of the most feared crimes and the impact of having your house burgled is immense both financially and mentally.

To try and combat the burglars we took a multi-step approach focusing on community resilience, investigation and pro-active patrols.

For the Autumn and Winter crime reduction campaign I developed a newsletter to inform people of current trends including likely times, locations, tactics used by burglars. I also suggested crime reduction advice and the top cost effective tips to protect your homes. Burglary locations and historic repeat burglary locations were re-visited by their local PCSO’s and crime advice was given to householders.

It was good to see a criminal being charged with burglary following an identification from Ring doorbell footage. Video doorbells are a great security aid and I would urge anyone who does not have one to get one.

During the last quarter we ran monthly weeks of action to disrupt these criminals. The NHPT led the way in taking the fight to the criminals whilst working smarter with our limited resources. To achieve better results we worked with other police forces and departments in targeting those who hurt our communities the most. We focused time and resources to target the roads on which these crooks travel.

The results were highly effective with over 20 people being reported for various offences, 20 vehicles were taken off of the road and seventeen people were arrested for a various offences which included:

Three people who’d gone to view a car for sale and had later gone back and stolen it.

A person who was wanted for burglary and GBH.

A stop check of a Mercedes Benz from our area into London under S.23 MDA led to the driver being arrested after failing a roadside drug wipe. Following this several containers of white powder were found hidden. Following the arrest a House search was conducted at his address and a large amount money, uncut white powder and cannabis.

A Sec 23 Misuse Drugs Act warrant was executed in Denham. Officers attended and forced entry. Two males were detained within the property whilst two males fled jumping out of a first floor window. All 4 were arrested and 1 kg of class A drugs recovered.

From a wider perspective the joint operation in November resulted in;
• 88 arrests linked directly to the op, 26 of these were for burglary whilst 21 were of priority burglary or SAC nominals.
• 121 stop searches of which 35 yielded positive results
• 95 intelligence reports generated
• 15 second-hand stores were visited and several LPAs took the opportunity to ‘audit and re-engage’ with these traders to develop stronger relationships
• 18 positive outcomes for SAC offences
Burglary is down 9% this year, but we must not be complacent as these figures will no doubt have been impacted by the stringent lockdown measures that have been in force earlier in the year and most recently through the month of December.

Priority 2; ASB

We did;
In the last quarter the team has been busily involved in a number of cases where there has been ASB. By its very nature the types of incidents are varied. We have an ongoing investigation into Fireworks with the rights of people to be able to set off fireworks against the right of animals that are nearby and effected by them.

Other cases have focused on the illegal use of drugs and the effect that it has on the community. This year I put in place a more robust and intrusive approach into tackling offenders and their properties that were suspected of being used for or to deal drugs from. When we do receive concerns officers will conduct “Have your say” sessions with neighbours to identify intelligence and see what problems are occurring. We will ensure that neighbours are aware of the problems and the risks to the person cuckooed. We will also challenge the householder and hold them to account for what is taking place at their address.

Last month we were able to obtain a closure order on a property in Holmer Green where there were concerns that County Drug Lines members had cuckooed a vulnerable adult and where using the address to deal drugs. By obtaining an order we are able to protect the householder and support them and their community. Already there has been several arrests as a result of this.

We have investigated several protracted cases between neighbours, which started over noise, and turned into harassment with fear of violence due to an escalation in behaviour. These cases are time consuming and often start over trivial things like boundary disputes and parking We do recommend the use of Mediation Services but it is all too common that people are not willing to try the use of this service that has been proven to achieve some excellent results in resolving problems between neighbours. The team has intervened in several cases and people have been arrested, interviewed and released on bail. The CPS will be reviewing these cases and hopefully this will bring these matters to a conclusion.

Priority 3;Speeding

We did;
Unfortunately during the pandemic the decision has been made by TVP that there will not be any Community Speed Watch activities taking place. PC Turnham is working behind the scenes on new protocols and putting in place a new database system that when it is up and running will make the system run even better.

The Amersham NHPT has received numerous complaints of speeding on various roads. I have been getting patrols out to areas of concern to enforce perceived traffic violations. Twenty two people were reported for various traffic offences.

Locations that we have focused on included
Austenwood Chalfont St Giles
Narcot Lane Chalfont St Peter
School Lane Seer Green
Penn Road,
Penn Street
Weedon Hill Missenden
Copperkins Lane, Chesham Bois
Missenden Road, Little Kingshill
Martinsend Lane, Gt Missenden
Joiners Lane, Chalfont St Peter.
Kingsway Chalfont St Peter
Elizabeth Avenue, Little Chalfont
Cokes Lane, Little Chalfont

My team will endeavour to carry out checks at areas of concern.

Other news:

Unfortunately PCSO’s Mike Shepherd and Gary Tugwell have both left the force to pursue new careers. Mike worked at Amersham for 16 years whilst Gary served with TVP for the last 5 years and has covered Beaconsfield and The Chalfonts. At this time there is no news in regards to as or when they will be replaced. This does put some extra pressure on the team to try and deliver the same level of service.

There are plans for the Community Forum to transition to a Policing Issues Panel working with the new unitary authority. Further updates to follow.

Bucks County Council

Messages Only

Scammers prey on the vulnerable charging for vaccines they don’t have and stealing financial data 


Around the UK, there are reports of dangerous, fake NHS text messages circulating, telling people that they’re eligible to apply for the COVID-19 vaccine. The link takes you to an extremely convincing fake NHS website that asks for personal details including bank/card details.


Buckinghamshire Council’s Trading Standards team are also receiving information that cold calls regarding the vaccine are taking place, where scammers are asking people to pay for the vaccine over the phone.


Most of these vaccine scams are targeting elderly residents who receive a cold call to advise that their vaccination would be carried out in their home, and that the caller requires their name, address and also financial details to pay for the vaccine.


Other reports relate to approaches made by text and from a recorded voice message on the telephone. In each case the recipient is required to respond by clicking a link in the text message or by pressing 1 when receiving the call. They are then asked to give personal information, as well as financial details to book their vaccination.


Fred Wilson, Buckinghamshire Council Member for Regulatory Services says “I am very disappointed that at a time when many people are seeing the vaccine as hope for the future, scammers are trying to cash in.”


He adds, “It’s important to remember the vaccine is free and the NHS will never require you to hand over financial details in exchange for it.”


Key messages:-


  • The vaccine is free and only available from the NHS who will contact you when it is your turn. At present, appointments are only being offered to the public who are over 80 years old, workers in care homes and NHS staff.


  • The NHS will NEVER ask you to press a button on your keypad or send a text to confirm you want to receive the vaccine, and NEVER ask for payment or for your bank details.



For information on the Buckinghamshire vaccine programme, which details who is being vaccinated, vaccination sites and the number of residents vaccinated so far, please visit: Here


As with all cold call fraud Trading Standards advice is:-


  • Never engage with someone or allow them access to your home unless you are able to verify their authenticity and who they are.

  • Be sceptical, stay calm, and don’t be afraid to hang up, bin it, delete it or shut the door


Report all scams to Trading Standards via Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0808 223 1133 or if a person feels threatening phone 999.


To deter visits from cold callers, residents can display a no cold calling sticker by their front doors. To obtain a Stop Cold Calling Sticker Pack or to report an incident please contact Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards via the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 0808 223 1133.


Leader of the Council calls out HS2 Limited’s attempts to keep local residents informed

Martin Tett, Leader of Buckinghamshire Council, has written to the Chairman of the Government’s Transport Select Committee (TSC) about the lack of effective monitoring HS2 Limited does of its works and contractors in Buckinghamshire.


Martin said: “I urge the Select Committee to insist that HS2 Ltd and its contractors do as they said they would when they set out their proposals to Parliament.  Faced with the delivery phase of this unwanted project, the least we should expect is considerate, well communicated implementation.  However, despite the assurances from HS2 that they will be a “good neighbour” we are not currently experiencing that.  Instead HS2 issues are diverting tax-payers’ resources away from delivering vital services during a pandemic, as we are having to deal with countless local issues which are caused, and not adequately addressed, by HS2 Ltd and its contractors.


The Council has historically opposed the HS2 project and continues to do so for many valid reasons.  It dissects the county and provides no tangible benefits to Buckinghamshire.  We have all the dis-benefits of a large-scale construction project and none of the benefits, with the damage being done to our environment and the visual impact completely irreversible.”


At the meeting of the TSC on 6 January, it’s second six monthly oral evidence session on the progress of HS2, evidence was given by Phil Gaskin, Chairman of Calvert Green Parish Council, an area hugely impacted by HS2. He stated “that there is no quick and simple way of resolving issues with HS2 Ltd.”


Both Greg Smith MP for Buckingham and Mr Gaskin raised the need for independent oversight of the project and suggested the implementation of local sheriff style appointments, to be told by Mark Thurston, HS2’s CEO that these roles were already in existence. No-one has seen these officers in Buckinghamshire.


Councillor Tett added: “On this basis I urge the Select Committee to ensure that there is effective monitoring of the contractors and HS2 Ltd’s decisions to implement the project differently to the proposals set out to Parliament, and for Buckinghamshire Council to be appropriately re-imbursed for the additional pressures which the project implementation is putting on the authority.”


Buckinghamshire Council shortlisted for the Keep Britain Tidy Network Awards

Buckinghamshire Council’s entry for the Great British September Clean Award has been selected as a shortlisted finalist at the Keep Britain Tidy Network Awards 2021, which will take place virtually on 3 February. The entry was from the Southern Waste Team and focussed on the clean-up efforts of residents in the south of the county.


In response to government COVID-19 guidelines, Keep Britain Tidy postponed their Spring Clean campaign and it was relaunched as the September Clean 2020, which Buckinghamshire Council – along with local volunteer groups and residents – got actively involved with.


Due to the amount of people using Buckinghamshire’s parks and open spaces for exercise during lockdown, unfortunately there was a significant increase in the amount of litter being discarded by some of the visitors. This litter not only looked unsightly, but it also had the potential to damage the environment and be harmful to wildlife.


To help with this, 30 volunteer litter-picking groups took part in the September Clean 2020 across three areas in South Buckinghamshire. Some of these groups were local community or environmental groups, other helpers included town and parish councils.


In total, the council’s waste team delivered 235 litter pickers and 920 bags for litter pick events during the September clean. Almost 42% of groups taking part did not require litter pickers as they had them from previous events or had their own.


To make the collections COVID-secure, a new online form was developed where organisers could request contactless pick-up or delivery of equipment and request the waste to be collected after the event. Groups were also encouraged to keep the litter pickers for future events to minimize the amount of litter pickers being returned to the council. Any litter pickers that were returned were then kept in storage for at least 72 hours before being cleaned and distributed again.


Totals across Chiltern, Wycombe & South Bucks areas:


  • Total volunteers: 458

  • Total bags collected: 551

  • Total hours spent litter picking by groups: 77

  • Total person-hours spent litter picking during September clean: 1,034


Further information on Keep Britain Tidy Network Awards 2021 can be found here:


Have your say on Chiltern area car parks Public Spaces Protection Order


Consultation open until 21 February


There is currently a Public Spaces Protection Order in place at 21 council-controlled car parks in the Chiltern area – and Buckinghamshire Council is now inviting residents, businesses and anyone with an interest to let us know if it should be extended.


A Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) is a legal power which allows councils to deal with a specific nuisance or problem in a defined area. These are problems that negatively affect the quality of life for local people. The order imposes conditions on the use of that area and these conditions apply to everybody.


The order for the 21 car parks has been in place since 2018 and is due to expire at the end of April 2021. It “prohibits the use of a motor vehicle, or creation of noise from a motor vehicle, or behaviour by a person in a way likely to cause nuisance or annoyance to a member of the public, or a risk of harm, damage or injury to a person or property."


Cllr Gareth Williams, Cabinet Member for Communities & Public Health, said: “If you are worried about anti-social behaviour in any of these car parks, this consultation is an opportunity to say if you would like the PSPO to remain in place or not. There is also the chance to add any comments that you feel need to be considered.”




The consultation, along with further details about the PSPO, timings, the names of the 21 car parks and maps of their locations can be found here


If you need the consultation survey in another format, please contact us at


The closing date for this consultation is 21 February 2021.


Buckinghamshire Council will review the comments received and make a final decision on the PSPO extensions by the end of April 2021. If agreed, the order will be extended for either one or two further years.


Residents urged to correctly recycle small electrical devices and batteries in order to prevent fires

Buckinghamshire Council and Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service are calling on residents to correctly recycle small electrical devices and batteries in order to prevent fires. This advice follows an incident on Monday morning (18 January) in Padbury where a fire broke out on board one of Buckinghamshire Council’s waste vehicles.


The cause of the fire, which was quickly responded to by both collection crew and the Fire Service, has been determined as an Xbox games controller. To prevent further fires, Buckinghamshire Council would like to encourage all residents to take a look at ways in which you can safely recycle small electrical devices and batteries by going here


While unwanted batteries and small electrical items can be recycled, it’s vital that they are not put into general waste or recycling bins as they can ignite and cause a fire.


Across Buckinghamshire, batteries can be recycled at the kerbside if placed inside a standard carrier bag and then left on top of the resident’s recycling bin. These will then be collected by council crews on the day they normally empty the bin. Small electrical items (which can be broadly categorised by anything with a plug, battery or charger) should be taken to your local household recycling centre. These items include:


  • Hair dryers;

  • Straighteners;

  • Electric toothbrushes;

  • Games controllers;

  • Mobile phones and chargers;

  • Small electrical power tools.


If the electrical item is larger than a shoe box (for example, microwave ovens and car batteries) it will need to be taken to a local Household Recycling Centre. Alternatively, residents can arrange for items to be collected, for a fee, using the council’s bulky waste collection services.


In the past 12 months, eight fires have broken out on board the council’s waste vehicles, with ignited loads often having to be dumped on the road to stop the spread of fire. In these scenarios the Fire Service hose down the waste load and use heat-sensing technology to ensure the fire is put out completely. Once the load is hosed down, it can no longer be recycled, meaning just one small electrical item or battery disposed of incorrectly can sadly contaminate a whole load of recyclable materials.


Station Commander, Steve Cook, of Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service said:


“Fires in waste trucks place firefighters at risk from a wide variety of hazards, not only from the fire and smoke but also from the waste material itself. Often these fires begin deep in the load and smoulder undetected, and may only be discovered when the load is transferred at the waste depot.


“Fires involving batteries and discarded electrical appliances have a significant impact on our resources – the average waste truck fire takes eight firefighters around three hours to deal with. Should the fire involve the waste depot itself then the fire can last for several days, requiring 30 or more firefighters.


“However, if residents recycle correctly, these fires can be avoided in the future.”


Bill Chapple OBE, Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, added:


“First, I would like to say thank you for the swift action of our crews and the local Fire Service in dealing with this incident. Fortunately, no one was hurt and those involved responded safely, quickly and efficiently to keep things under control.


“However, these fires are concerning but easily avoidable. I would ask all Buckinghamshire residents looking to dispose of small electrical devices, batteries and gas canisters (the most common culprits of waste vehicle fires) to please visit here so they can do so correctly. This will help prevent any future waste vehicle fires.”


For more information on Buckinghamshire Council’s recycling and waste service, please visit: here

Added Jan 13th 2021

Have Your Say on An Increase To Council Tax Across the Thames Valley

Sent on behalf of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley, Anthony Stansfeld, is seeking your views on a proposed increase to the policing element of council tax for 2021/22.

In response to the exceptional operational demands placed on the police, particularly in response to the global pandemic, the Government is increasing funding available to PCCs by up to £703 million. This is provided all PCCs increase their council tax for a Band D household by £1.25 a month*, or £15 a year in 2021/22 which, collectively, will raise £287 million, or 40% of the £703 million increase in funding.

Anthony Stansfeld, Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley, said: “Despite the increase in funding from government, there continue to be cost pressures on the Force and the public rightly expect to see improving performance in order to keep us all safe and bring criminals to justice. Alongside the funding from the Home Office, the Government has also allowed Police and Crime Commissioners to increase council tax by up to £15 (for a Band D property) in order to make additional investments in policing. In Thames Valley that means that for less than 29p a week for the average household (Band D property) more than £13m could be invested in frontline policing.

“In previous years the support of local tax payers through their council tax has meant that we have managed to reduce the time it takes for the police to answer non-urgent 101 calls and to significantly increase detection rates, meaning that more victims of crime receive justice and more criminals are held to account.

“It is important that any increase in council tax now, at a time when many families are struggling, is focussed on frontline policing to tackle the concerns of the public. I am proud of the work done by Thames Valley Police Officers, PCSOs, staff and volunteers every single day, but there is always more that can be done.

The survey can be completed at and is open until 5pm on Wednesday 20th January 2020.

*Proposed increases for other council tax bands can be found below:
Local amateur author proceeds to charity reg 1082335 The Compassionate Friends which supports bereaved parents.

Book Review by Trevor Kent.

Hannah Leak, who lived for some years on Austenwood Common, Chalfont St Peter and was educated at Maltmans Green School, has just published her first novel on Amazon Books at £5.70 in paperback - with proceeds going to Compassionate Friends, a charity supporting bereaved parents.

Hannah tells the moving story of the sudden loss of a mother’s son at just 19. Posy is the mother - already on her own save for motorcycle-mad son Josh, following separation from her philandering ex-husband. Posy has to decide, one beautiful summer’s evening, whether to agree to Josh’s heart being transplanted to another similarly aged young man with a congenital heart disease, just four hours following the police rattle upon her front door to report a fatal local bike crash. In torment, total despair and shock - she nevertheless agrees to the procedure.

The story describes loss in a very moving and personal way, as Hannah clearly draws upon her personal experience following the loss of her own son Giles (although in totally different circumstances) and her subsequent work with The Samaritans. However, Posy’s life takes an unexpected turn after she manages to obtain details of the, until then, anonymous recipient of Josh’s heart. This leads her to The Cotswolds, Oxford and even Beaconsfield, and some quite delightful and surprising revelations.

In my opinion this is a quite lovely read, but then I could be biased, having been Hannah’s son Giles’s very bad Godfather!

“Your Beating Heart” by Hannah Leak published by Amazon Books 2021
Understanding the Dilemma of Plastic

Do you re-use and recycle your plastic bottles? Do you try to use alternatives to plastic when you can?
To learn more about how to do the right thing, come to the next free, online talk in the Speak up for our Planet series.
Wednesday 20 January 2021 7.30pm-8.30pm

Details and Registration here
Neighbourhood Watch National Newsletter - Our News January 2021

Happy New Year from everyone at the Central Support Team of Neighbourhood Watch. 

2020 brought challenges that we did not think were possible this time last year, but we saw the very best of people within our communities, pulling together to support one another and offer much needed assistance to the vulnerable and isolated. While the difficulties are continuing for the time being, we also look forward to a hopeful future with the vaccine roll-out. It is in times like these that we need the support of our loved ones and neighbours more than ever. We encourage you to reach out to your local Neighbourhood Watch group should you be in need of, or able to offer, support.

Click  here to read the January 2021 Neighbourhood Watch national newsletter.  This month we launch the Neighbourhood Watch Crime and Community Survey 2020 findings, recruit for a new Volunteer Development Manager, share crime prevention advice and look at the new community projects we are running. As always, we hope you find the information useful. The final page of our newsletter contains a reminder from the Government ( on how we can all play our part in stopping the spread of the virus.
Community Impact Bucks

COVID-19 Briefing #83

Latest lockdown guidance for the voluntary sector & #FundAlerts

Short regular briefing from Community Impact Bucks

Details here

Added Jan 6th 2021

More details here on BBC news website.
Careers Springboard, the registered charity based in Gerrards Cross, is a FREE service run by local volunteers to help managers and professionals find paid employment and graduates to find their first professional role.

We are based at Gerrards Cross but, given the current coronavirus restrictions, our weekly meetings are now based solely on video conferencing utilising Zoom. A Link to enable registered members to participate in our Monday virtual meetings is published each week in our weekly newsletter.

New members may register to join Careers Springboard by accessing our website and following the directions.

For further information visit :

Please join us and please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Our weekly Monday evening virtual meetings, starting at 7.00pm, include presentations which all relate to improving your job search skills.

Please check on our website for news and updates.

Forthcoming Monday evening virtual presentations are as follows :

Monday 1 February : Effective Networking An in-depth guide to successful networking - from defining your target contacts and key messages to further referrals and new opportunities.

Monday 8 February : Linkedin - Getting the Best out of this Essential Tool How to understand the power of Linkedin in your job search.

Monday 15 February : Creating Your Personal Brand A fresh look at displaying and presenting who you are in order to achieve the Olympian heights that you deserve in your job search.

Monday 22 February : Maintaining & Boosting Confidence & Resilience Practical techniques that reduce the negative impact of stress in your job search and boost your resilience.

Monday 1 March : TMAY (Tell Me About Yourself) Get the 60 second TMAY right !  How to polish your response to this frequent and important interview question.

Monday 8 March : Preparing for Interview.Focusing on what you need to do before the interview to ensure that you are fully prepared.

In addition to these presentations, and despite the coronavirus restrictions, we continue to provide one-to-one virtual coaching services covering CV, interview practice, confidence building and many more jobseeker services.

All our services are FREE.

We strongly recommend that you check out our website   for more information about our Programme and how we can help all job seekers.

Improve Security and Help Nhw At A Stroke


Encouraged by the police, most of us invest in making our property more secure – better locks, alarms, CCTV doorbells – but it can be costly. But here is an opportunity to get hold of a police-approved product you may not have tried at a special price – and help Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) at the same time. It can – at a stroke:


  • Make your property more secure from burglars

  • Make it much more likely that anything you lose will be returned to you


It is SelectaDNA. With our discount code (see below) it costs just £27/kit, and NHW will also get £2 for every kit sold to support our valuable work!


Everyone, including criminals, know all about the value of DNA in solving crimes. Now, with SelectaDNA you can mark all your valuables with a DNA identity that is TOTALLY UNIQUE to you. The small kit contains a liquid loaded with a special DNA identity. All you need to do is mark your treasured items and valuables with a little of the liquid to identify them as yours. You simply register your code on the database so the police can trace stolen items back to you.


But you would naturally prefer that they are not stolen in the first place! So SelectaDNA comes with two different kinds of stickers in the kit. A circular one is designed to go onto large items as an obvious deterrent. The larger rectangular label goes onto windows or doors to be obvious to potential burglars, putting them off from bothering with your house, because they know that they will get less money for marked items. The DNA may even be traceable on their body for a time. A handy guide is included in the pack to help you through the simple process, including the registration of your unique SelectaDNA liquid.


SelectaMark, the makers of SelectaDNA Home kits have been working with police forces in the UK and across the world for many years, and their high-tech products play an important part in fighting crimes of many kinds.


Burglaries remain a major problem in Thames Valley, and the devastating loss and distress caused by this kind of invasion of your property takes a long time to get over. We really believe that this advanced technological security is worth the normal price of £67.84 including delivery. Our discount code improves on this dramatically.


We believe that by making SelectaDNA available to you for just £27 including delivery, Neighbourhood Watch is bringing you a security improvement not to be missed!


Just click this link to the SelectaDNA online shop, enter NWTVCSB in the Promotional Code box at Checkout, and pick up this great NHW security enhancement bargain. And we will greatly appreciate the contribution that your purchase will generate to help us in our work.

Consultation Opens on Future of Front Counter Provision

We are currently seeking your views on the future of our front counter provision across Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

We’ve launched a public consultation to hear what you think about our plans which have been developed to adapt to the different ways in which people contact the police, to meet the changing needs of the diverse communities we serve and to make necessary savings.

It is very important we establish the views of as many of our residents, businesses and partners across the diverse communities we serve.

The consultation seeks views on a proposed reduction in the number of front counters from 16 to 11, which would save approximately £1.4m.

Since March 2020, TVP has operated with just five of its 16 front counter sites open. Seven re-opened in October 2020.

The proposal does not affect police officer numbers nor the number of police bases we have so the public will not experience any difference in officer visibility in our communities.

Under the plans, the force will retain its front counters at Milton Keynes, Oxford, Reading, Slough, Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Abingdon, Banbury, Newbury, Loddon Valley and Maidenhead. The hours of their opening are also being reviewed.

TVP has 79 police bases forcewide, which are not affected, nor being consulted upon.

The consultation is hosted on the digital platform Snap, and will run until 31 January. Further details and a link to the consultation are available on our website.

If you would prefer to obtain a paper copy of the consultation please call 01865 542895 to leave your address for a copy of the consultation to be sent to you.

Bucks County Council

Messages Only

Cabinet announces 'incredibly difficult' budget proposals

Cabinet today has announced its budget proposals for the next financial year starting in April, which includes plans for a 1.99% increase in basic council tax, together with a 2% rise in the Government proposed Adult Social Care Precept to help fund care for the elderly and vulnerable.


Described as 'incredibly difficult', the billion pound plans focus primarily on next year. This is due to the uncertainties over future funding levels given the on-going effects of the coronavirus pandemic and comes the day after a third lockdown was announced by the Government.


Cabinet's proposals, which factor in the increasing demand for services and loss of income to the council as a result of the pandemic, are being seen as a 'Covid-19 response and recovery' budget. However, the proposals also include investment in key service areas such as schools and school improvement, road maintenance, strategic transport and infrastructure projects, waste, housing and homelessness and leisure centres. A small amount of the council's reserves (£115k) is also planned to be used to help balance the books and reduce future identified risks.


Speaking after the Cabinet meeting, Leader of the Council, Martin Tett said the pandemic was having a momentous effect on budget planning. "While we are grateful for the significant Government grants we are getting to cope with the effects of the virus, it remains incredibly difficult to deliver a legally balanced budget. Yesterday's lockdown announcement just highlights the uncertainty and the difficulty of knowing what's round the next corner.


"That said, we believe these proposals are realistic, flexible, and most importantly, affordable to local taxpayers given the circumstances. Indeed, the Government proposes councils increase the amount they raise specifically for Adult Social Care by 3%, however, while there remains acute pressures in adult social care, we believe that this would not be reasonable given the pressure on residents' finances as a result of Covid. We are therefore proposing only to increase this by 2%, rather than the 3% allowed by Government.


"While I see this as a budget that manages current pressures, it's also a budget that paves the way for longer term economic recovery post-Covid, which invests in infrastructure and also puts us firmly in the starting blocks to help rebuild Buckinghamshire and importantly jobs, after the pandemic ends."  


The proposals will now go on to be fully scrutinised next week by a special cross-party Budget Select Committee. Their findings will be presented to Cabinet on 16 February so Cabinet members can agree the final budget proposals to be presented to the full Council at its meeting on 24 February.


The new lockdown and support available for residents

During the Prime Minister’s address to the nation on 4 January, he announced that people who are clinically extremely vulnerable will be asked to shield again.


What does this mean?


If you are clinically extremely vulnerable you will receive a letter from the government in the coming days outlining what precautions you should take. You should not leave the house to go to work, to the shops or the pharmacy. When you receive your letter you will need to register here  - if you require support or wish to access a priority supermarket delivery slot.


If you would like to look at what local support is available to help you shield effectively, visit the Bucks Online Directory


If you need urgent help, fill in the contact us form on our website – or call the council on 01296 395000.


For the latest shielding advice please visit – here


I am not clinically extremely vulnerable but need support during the lockdown


Residents of Buckinghamshire who are struggling during lockdown can get support from the Council and the local community in a number of ways:


  • To see a list of local support groups and services near you, visit here

  • Log onto our website and let us know what support you need – fill in the ‘contact us’ form –

  • If you need to speak to someone about the impact of COVID on a vulnerable person or family, please call the Council on 01296 395000.


Changes to Bucks Council services due to new national lockdown

Following the announcement of a new national lockdown in England, Buckinghamshire Council has made some urgent changes to several of its key services.



Library staff will be deployed to assist with the vulnerable and shielding programme, so from Wednesday 6 January all Buckinghamshire libraries will be closed until further notice.


Loans have been extended and no fines will be charged during the lockdown, so customers are advised to keep their books at home and to not worry about returning them at the moment.


On site access to Buckinghamshire Archives will also remain closed – see this page for more information.


The online library is still available for eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines, eNewpapers and online reference services such as Ancestry, and new members can join online here.


Internet access as well as ‘emergency assistance’ will be available for residents through the Council Access Points located at:


  • Walton Street, Aylesbury

  • The Gateway, Aylesbury

  • King George V House, Amersham

  • Queen Victoria Road, High Wycombe


Schools and colleges

All have now switched to remote learning. However, children of key workers and vulnerable children can still go to school.


Funerals and weddings

Funerals can still take place with up to 30 guests. Weddings and equivalent ceremonies will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances and with up to six people.


Household bin collections

These will continue as normal, and residents can check their bin collection dates by going here


Household Recycling Centres

All sites will remain open during the lockdown.


Road repairs and street cleaning

These services will carry on as normal.


Parks and green spaces

Buckinghamshire’s three country parks will remain open.


Leisure centres and sports facilities

In line with current restrictions, all Buckinghamshire Council leisure and sports centres – with the exception of playgrounds – will remain closed during the lockdown. This includes The South Buckinghamshire Golf Course and outdoor sports courts and multi-use games areas.


Gareth Williams, Cabinet Member for Communities & Public Health, said:


“I know that many people will find the new national lockdown difficult to deal with, but in order to stem the rise in coronavirus cases in Buckinghamshire, it’s vital that we all continue to play our part by only going out when necessary, and sticking to the government’s ‘Hands, Face, Space’ guidance.


“Hopefully, with the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines across the county, we will soon start to see the tide turning on coronavirus cases. Once this happens, we can then look forward to beginning a return to normality.


”If you need to contact the council during the lockdown, please do so via our Contact Centre either by calling 0300 131 6000 or going online here.”


For the latest information on Buckinghamshire Council services, please visit here.



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