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Roadworks and diversions
Bear in mind that the Roadworks Map link, in green on the above website, isn't particularly useful as it will look as if the majority of roads are closed when they aren't and the dates for closure span many weeks with no specific closed dates. It's no wonder people ignore 'road closed' signs as they often are not. Ed

Added Sep 23rd 2020

Speak up for our planet

Our Rotary club (GX and Chalfonts) has teamed up with Chiltern Speakers, the local Toastmasters group, to put together a series of free online talks about the environment and climate change.

We have a very impressive panel of speakers for our launch webinar on 23 September,

Details and sign-up here:

Speak up for our Planet

Bucks County Council

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Start Well, Live Well, Age Well - what's your view?

Buckinghamshire's health and wellbeing prioirties

Happier, healthier, lives is what health and social care leaders want for residents across Bucks.

Buckinghamshire's Health and Wellbeing Board [consisting of members from the NHS, Council and voluntary sector] are refreshing plans for 2021-2023 and want you to know if they have got their priorities right.

In brief, the refreshed priorities agreed by the Health and Wellbeing Board, are:

Start Well - support all children to reach their potential in school, further education and employment. Support families to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Live Well - tackle health inequalities, focus on mental health and find better ways to plan and shape communities so people can be supported.

Age Well - support active ageing, prevent social isolation and loneliness, prevent ill health and disability among older people

The Health and Wellbeing Board is responsible for understanding the health and social care needs in Bucks - and using this information to plan how they will improve our health and wellbeing.

Gareth Williams, Cabinet Member for Communities and Public Health, said: "Compared to the rest of England our residents continue to enjoy good health and access to high quality health and care services. But we know this is not experienced by everyone. We are seeking to address this with our refreshed priorities.

"Although supporting people and communities through the effects of COVID-19 remains a priority - we want to look beyond this at improving health and wellbeing for everyone. We will be focussing very much on the health inequalities experienced at all stages of life and in all settings. We know for example people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic [BAME] backgrounds often suffer the worst health. Likewise people with mental health problems often have poorer physical health.

"Research tells us that the answer is identifying or preventing health problems at the earliest opportunity, and making sure the health and social care system can collectively respond at the right time. We believe Start Well, Live Well, Age Well focuses support and services in the right areas - but it is important to get views from residents, service users, patients and people working in health and social care - after all it is their health and wellbeing that matters." 

To find out more and to give your views using the onlne survey go to Your Voice Bucks

Full details of the priorities, why they were chosen and how the Health and Wellbeing Board will address then can be found in 'Happier, healthier lives - what's your view?' You have until October 14 to complete the survey. Alternatively you can submit your views by email to   01296 382 043

Recycle Week marks increase in environmental awareness

Through all that has happened this year, statistics released for Recycle Week this week  show that the UK has become even more environmentally aware, with nearly 9 in 10 households now saying they regularly recycle. Going forward, more people are prepared to change their lifestyles to help the environment: 73 per cent, up from 68 per cent in 2019. And an amazing 93 per cent of UK households say they believe that 'everyone has a responsibility to help towards cleaning up the environment'.

In Buckinghamshire, the lockdown period (April-June) showed an incredible 30 per cent increase in household recycling compared with the same period the year before – though the fact that everyone was confined to the home meant that general household rubbish also went up by 20 per cent during the same period.

This year's Recycle Week, the annual awareness campaign led by national waste and recycling campaign charity WRAP, is marking this positive change in attitudes that has come out of the adversity of the year's events. To mark the week, buildings across the country are going green - literally. Buckinghamshire Council's Gateway offices in Aylesbury are joining in too. Thanks to highly efficient LED lighting, The Gateway can be illuminated for a whole evening using the amount of power generated by processing just three caddies of recycled food waste.

Bill Chapple OBE, Buckinghamshire Council Cabinet Member for Environment & Climate Change said: "The events of this year have made many of us think hard about the environment. We've seen that everything doesn't just have to continue as normal – change is possible, and we've got to build on that.

"In Buckinghamshire, we've always been high achievers when it comes to domestic recycling. As well as a time to recognise this success, Recycle Week is also an excellent time to take stock and think about what else we can do to recycle more and decrease our impact on the environment."

Added Sep 16th 2020

Open consultation

Distributing vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 and flu


Consultation description

The UK government, with the Minister of Health in Northern Ireland, is seeking views on proposed changes to the Human Medicine Regulations 2012.


The consultation covers:


  • authorising temporary supply of an unlicensed product

  • civil liability and immunity

  • expanding the workforce eligible to administer vaccinations

  • promoting vaccines

  • making provisions for wholesale dealing of vaccines


This consultation is primarily aimed at organisations with a specific interest in the vaccines, rather than individuals.


Covid Antibody Test
A Study that may draw conclusions from an unreliable test?

The editor got one of these test kits in the post after being chosen, apparently, ‘at random’. Having been very ill for 6 weeks from 23rd Dec through January and into February, I was curious whether I have already had the bug, so I filled in the on-line precursor questions and the kit arrived in the post on Tuesday.

The instructions clearly state that the test is not 100% accurate and a positive result doesn’t mean I’ve had the bug and a negative doesn’t mean I haven’t, yet the instructions state that this will help determine how widespread the virus is!

My result was negative, but as clearly stated above, that tells me and those running the study absolutely nothing, unless they are testing many different versions of an antibody test and they will use statistics to work out which test does actually work. The other explanation is that I was given the control that will produce a negative as part of a proper double blind test.

Given that the date of manufacture of 2020/04 was on the test kit I’m staggered that these were available back in April, assuming that the 04 does refer to the month. My test kit was lot OTC-2004168-2 expiry 2022 / 04. Given that this is supposed to be a new virus how do they know the kit will still be useable up to 2 years hence?

If anyone else has this test kit I’d love to hear about your take on this, all in the strictest of confidence of course. If I get a lot of responses I’d be happy to publish anonymised data for everyone’s information.


Latest Scam sent to a neighbour!


The phone number given on the letter, when looked up online, gives the following


'The overall rating for phone number 02070602386 is Dangerous.There have been 197 phone lookups and 6 comments relating to 020 7060 2386. On this page: 6 Users rated it as Dangerous.The summary of detected keywords found in the reports is as follow: lottery (6 times), scam (5 times), insurance (1 time), bank (1 time). The location for 020 is London (England). We noted in this area that there were 98,597,867 searches in total and that users have, so far, left 497,182 reports.'


Supporting you to feel more socially connected

Would you like to meet new people and have a more active social life?
There are many community groups running in your local area and we can help you access them. You
might be interested gardening, art, sport, history, craft or just want to meet up with new friends for
a chat.
Our trained volunteers will meet you and really get to understand you and your interests. They will
then help you find groups and activities that perfectly fit you. They will even accompany you on
your first few visits, until you are happy and have got to know people.
If you are more comfortable staying at home at present, our volunteers can help you find online
activities and groups, and if you wish they can show you how to use your phone or computer to do

Please contact Voices and Choices for more information on 01494 874566
Mufti for Bucks Mind - World Mental Health Day
Amersham Chalfonts and Missendens Latest Newsletter 15/09/2020

Click here to download as a PDF


Chiltern Community Forum Meeting Wednesday 23rd September At 6-30Pm Via Zoom

Don't forget to let us know what you think your local policing priorities should be by voting on the following link

Bucks County Council

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Have your say on how Health and Social Care is delivered in Bucks.

Health and social care providers in Buckinghamshire, including GPs and Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, are calling on residents to participate in the new Health & Social Care Survey. They would like to understand how residents from all backgrounds currently use health and social care services and are particularly interested to hear which services are working well and where possible improvements could be made.

The health and social care providers are all part of the Buckinghamshire Integrated Care Partnership who together deliver mental health, social care and physical care to residents. These organisations are responsible for buying and providing health and social care services across the county and are looking at how to achieve better outcomes at an affordable cost in the future to meet the current and future demands of the local population.

Dr Tina Kenny, Medical Director of Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, said: “This survey is the first step in understanding how we can improve Buckinghamshire’s health and social care. It is imperative that as the county grows and technologies develop, we explore new ways of delivering these services - but we can’t do this without understanding how our residents feel.

Dr Raj Bajwa, Clinical GP Chair for Buckinghamshire’s Clinical Commissioning Group, also said: “We have already seen many changes in how we deliver health and social care services throughout the pandemic and now we are keen to understand your views, so that we can use this information to help inform any future changes we make, so please do get involved.”

The survey closes on Monday 19 October so to take part, please visit the ‘Your Voice Bucks’ website at

Possible taxi licensing policy changes in out area.

There is a review of existing taxi licensing policies from the former district council areas to create a single taxi and private hire licensing for the Buckinghamshire Council area.
Is it possible for you to put this message on  the Seer Green Village Site.
If you use or drive a taxi or mini cab, Buckinghamshire Council wants to know what matters most to you to help shape the Council’s new taxi and private hire licensing policy.
The survey will take about three minutes to complete.
The link is
Your effort will be greatly appreciated.
The survey ends on the 25th September

Debunking myths about adoption in Buckinghamshire
Sam is six years old – and he’s full of life and energy. He loves football, cricket and riding his bike, as well as gardening and making cakes!Sam pic

Sadly, Sam has already had lots of moves in his young life between family and foster carers. This is because he’s been exposed to mental health and substance misuse issues in his birth family and they can no longer care for him.

Sam’s doing really well with his foster carers; he worries a lot, but this is easing as he starts to trust them and his school teachers more.

Sam (not his real name) is typical of the kind of child Buckinghamshire Council needs to find an adoptive family for. Starting this week, we’re taking part in the national #YouCanAdopt campaign to do our best to make sure local families aren’t ruling themselves out of adopting without finding out more.
National research shows many people still have misconceptions about adoption which might be holding them back. For example, some think that people who are single or older, or those who are LGBTQ+ can’t adopt - this is not the case. Others think the process takes a long time - typically it’s around 6 months.

Buckinghamshire Council has its own unique tool - our Adoption Readiness Checker - to help families learn more about the process so they can take the first steps towards adoption. We also offer full training and support every step of the way, including after the adoption is complete.

Councillor Tony Green is Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Youth Provision.

He says:

“The #YouCanAdopt campaign seeks to debunk some of the many myths that still surround adoption. The truth is, if you can offer a child a loving and stable home, the chances are that you will be eligible to adopt. Like in many other places, here in Buckinghamshire we have some children who wait longer for an adoptive family. These tend to be older children, sibling groups, or children whose past experiences may mean they have some emotional and behavioural challenges. We also always need adopters we can match to children from Black and Ethnic Minority backgrounds.

We typically have around 25 children at any one time who need adoptive families in Buckinghamshire. These children have been through so much in their young lives already so if you’re considering adoption, then do take the next steps to find out more, either through one of our online information events or check our Adoption Readiness Checker available online at”

Added Sep 9th 2020

Did you win?


Results and galleries of the entries for the virtusl competitions are now available to view on the show website.


Many thanks to everybody who entered into this year's Show with a difference and thanks from the competitions team for your support.

Our September Our News Newsletter Is Out - Read It Here

We pleased to announce our September Our News newsletter is now available.

Click here to read our September Our News newsletter.

This month we have a look at how one group has tackled crime and disorder in Hackney, we introduce to you CrimeStoppers Domestic Abuse campaign #YouAreNotPowerless which launched on the 1st September, and Action Fraud's anti-phishing campaign #MulletOver, which also launched on the 1st September.

In partnership with Avast we look at ways Cyberhood Watch is protecting our community.

We highlight and ask you to support some key events being held during September
The Countryside clean up on the 19th and 20th
Gas Safe Week running from 14th - 20th
And last but certainly not least, we are excited to announce that the Neighbour of the Year Awards, sponsored by Co-op Insurance is back for the 3rd consecutive year. Nominations open on the 21st September. Look out for more details on this coming soon.

And that is not all... read our newsletter here to discover more.

Bucks County Council

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Community Cards winners announced

The winners of the 2020 Community Cards competition have been announced.


At the beginning of March, Year 6 students at 26 primary schools across the Chiltern and South Bucks areas of Buckinghamshire began the Community Cards Scheme.


The scheme saw approximately 1000 children collecting stickers by completing various challenges and tasks. Each sticker is linked to valuable life skills with topics covering money management, cyber security, safety awareness, healthy living, citizenship, environmental issues, sport and wellbeing.


The scheme was designed to help prepare children in Year 6 for their transition to secondary school and is supported by Thames Valley Police, Bucks Fire & Rescue, Natwest, M for Money, Safe!, Barnados R-U-Safe?, National Trust, Wycombe Women's Aid and the former Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils' joint Waste and Recycling team.


Amazingly, despite schools closing in response to the Covid-19 lockdown, five schools were able to continue with the scheme. Pupils took their booklets home with them and were able to do some work on the return to school; a lot of improvisation was required as partners were unable to attend schools to deliver presentations.


Denham Green E-Act Primary Academy and Chenies School were the overall champions and pupils won individual tickets to LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort rather than a class trip to the resort.


The five schools who continued the scheme after lockdown received £150 worth of vouchers and all other vouchers were gifted to pupils who made special efforts.


Councillor Gareth Williams, Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities & Public Health, said: “Congratulations to the Year 6 pupils at Denham Green E-Act Primary Academy and Chenies School who successfully completed the Community Card Scheme and collected the most stickers between them.


“We’d also like to acknowledge all the other schools who entered, we hope that all the children were able to pick up some new useful skills which will help stand them in good stead for starting secondary school. It’s a real shame that not everyone was able to complete the scheme but this was an unprecedented year.”


Ms Ashley, Year 6 Teacher at Denham Green E-Act Primary Academy said:

“What a great opportunity it has been for my class to take part in the Community Cards Scheme for all pupils in Year 6. The children have learnt a lot from carrying out their work to earn the 24 stickers required. The Money and Intergenerational stickers, in particular, were eye-openers for the pupils. I personally, have found it easy to fit into the curriculum coverage. I'd recommend the scheme to all Year 6 teachers.”


We’d like to thank all of the sponsors who supported the scheme:


• LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort provided individual tickets for two winning classes

• Everyone Active provided two winning classes individual tickets for The CLIMB and family swim passes for the Chiltern Pools

• Tesco provided a gift card for an individual prize

• Cliveden, National Trust provided a family pass for an individual prize

• The Entertainer provided a variety of £30 and £50 gift cards


Get involved in shaping your local community

Buckinghamshire’s 16 new Community Boards officially launch this week as the first public-facing meetings with local communities take place.


The community boards have been created to bring the new council and communities together, giving people the opportunity to speak up and get actively involved in improving their local area. They now have a key role in helping local areas to recover from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.


The aim of the boards is to:


Influence how decisions are made and how services are delivered

Represent the voice of local people

Capture thoughts, ideas and suggestions

Bring together key community partners and residents

Identify local needs and work to produce creative solutions



Back in July, local councillors, town and parish councils and some community groups in each of the board areas held their introduction meetings to begin looking at how to develop these partnerships, consider the local data and information about their local areas and start the conversation about their key areas of focus.


Behind the scenes, dedicated coordinators for each board are working hard in their local communities, making connections and encouraging residents, groups and organisations to contribute to conversations about their local area, including understanding the impact that Covid-19 has had.


There are many ways local people, groups and organisations can get involved in their board, taking part in exploring their area’s issues, through action groups and projects, or just by sharing views.


Community boards are backed by £3.9m to fund local projects and initiatives within their communities. From September, applications can be made by community groups and organisations to their local board for financial support for local projects. To find out how to get involved, to see the criteria for applying for funds or to put in an application visit


Each board decides its own funding priorities. The type of projects which could be eligible for funding include:


  • Providing support for older people

  • Creating opportunities for children and young people

  • Improving community facilities

  • Tackling crime

  • Addressing environmental issues

  • Gareth Williams, Cabinet Member for Communities and Public Health said: “We are very excited to get our Community Boards off the ground. They form a vital part of the new council and our commitment to listening to and working with local communities.


“These forums are a place for everyone interested in helping to improve and enhance their local area to get involved. Our vision is that they will very much be community-led partnerships that are action focused to make a real difference. Communities really came together to help eachother during the covid lockdown – we hope that these forums will build on this sense of community, and take the opportunity to use funding to tackle local issues as a key part of our Covid-19 recovery.” 


Community boards will each meet formally five times a year with smaller action-groups will be created, focusing on specific issues and themes.


Cllr Williams continued: “We want these community boards to be vibrant and creative bodies. As a council we are committed to making a difference locally. We want to develop thriving and empowered local communities. Working together we can address the issues that matter most to local people.”


Interactive map launched to mark Zero Waste Week

It's Zero Waste Week, and people across the UK are being challenged to reduce the amount of food they throw away, to help save money, protect the environment, and preserve resources.


This year Buckinghamshire Council is marking Zero Waste Week by launching its own local zero waste map to help local people reduce their waste. The map shows all the shops, recycling points and businesses in Buckinghamshire that can help us reduce our waste. Whether it’s a nappy library, zero waste refill shop, furniture repairs or just somewhere to recycle your carrier bag, the map shows it all.


There are already over 100 locations that offer products or services that are perfect for Zero Waste Week. The map also has more than 75 locations where people can drop off hard to recycle items, like crisp packets, carrier bags or even toothbrushes – and the Council is asking members of the public to update the map with all the recycling and re-use opportunities in their own local community.


Bill Chapple OBE, Buckinghamshire Council Cabinet Member for Environment & Climate Change, said "There are some really simple steps that can prevent food from being wasted, meaning we all have the opportunity to make a positive change every day.  Working together, we can have a huge impact. For example – it we stopped wasting bread for a whole year in the UK, it would save the same amount of CO2 as is generated by over 500,000 return flights from London to New York."


"We are already really good recyclers in Buckinghamshire, and together with Greatmoor energy from waste plant, this means that we send less than 0.1% of our waste to landfill. But we have to aspire to zero waste. We’d love everyone to have a look at our zero waste map and see what's available near them to help them reduce waste. We'd also like people to add to the map themselves, with any amenities, shops or projects in their own local community."


Now in its thirteenth year, Zero Waste Week is asking people to rise to the challenge of keeping good food out of the bin. Buckinghamshire Recycles will be sharing lots of tips and hacks for reducing food waste this week. It’s really important for our pockets and the plant that we reduce food waste and the best place to start is in our homes.


Rachelle Strauss, founder of Zero Waste Week said: "It’s clear that the Great British public has a growing concern about the effects of food waste and my aim is to illustrate how a Zero Waste lifestyle is one of the easiest ways to tackle this issue within your home and business."


You can find the Buckinghamshire Zero Waste Map at


10 ideas for reducing food waste that anyone can try right away


  • Only buy food you need – check cupboards and fridge before shopping

  • Search for recipes that help you use up leftovers

  • Create an ‘eat me first’ shelf in your fridge

  • Set up and use a compost heap for unavoidable food waste

  • Learn about portion control – how much do you need to make a meal?

  • Teach yourself about the difference between ‘best before’ and ‘use by’ dates

  • Research foods that can be frozen and use your freezer to extend the life of food

  • Serve from dishes rather than plating up, so uneaten food can be used the next day

  • Learn how to store foods properly – keep potatoes out of the light, bananas away from other produce and weevils out of your flour!

  • Sign up to a food sharing app

Added Sep 2nd 2020

Library Books

Just to let you know that the fines amnesty, which covers any outstanding loans made in 2020, has been extended to 30th September. - Bucks Library Service
Careers Springboard

Careers Springboard, the registered charity based in Gerrards Cross, is a FREE service run by local volunteers to help managers and professionals find paid employment and graduates to find their first professional role.

We are based at Gerrards Cross but, given the current coronavirus restrictions, our weekly meetings are now based solely on video conferencing utilising Zoom. A Link to enable registered members to participate in our Monday virtual meetings is published each week in our weekly newsletter.

New members may register to join Careers Springboard by accessing our website and following the directions.

For further information visit :

Please join us and please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Our weekly Monday evening virtual meetings, starting at 7.00pm,  include presentations which all relate to improving your job search skills.

Please check on our website for news and updates.

Forthcoming Monday evening virtual presentations are as follows :

Monday 5 October : The Interview Itself and Difficult Questions Focussing on what happens at interview and the strategies to compete successfully.

Monday 12 October : Maintaining & Boosting Confidence & Resilience Practical techniques that reduce the negative impact of stress on your job search and boost your resilience.

Monday 19 October : Get to Know Your Transferable Skills Identify your key assets. realise your true value, discover hidden talents and create your skills profile as the basis for your job search.

Monday 26 October : Winning through Redundancy Supporting professionals with a proven process to navigate the challenges of the career transition maze to achieve a bright new future.

Monday 2 November : TMAY (Tell Me About Yourself) Get the 60 second TMAY right ! How to polish your response to this frequent and important interview question.

Monday 9 November : Linkedin - A Winning Profile Helping individuals and companies use Linkedin effectively with customised training.

In addition to these presentations, and despite the coronavirus restrictions, we continue to provide one-to-one virtual coaching services covering CV, interview practice, confidence building and many more jobseeker services.

All our services are FREE.

We strongly recommend that you check out our website   for more information about our Programme and how we can help all job seekers.
16th September - Free Autism Information and Training

Autism Bucks and Buckinghamshire Council are offering free training to help dispel and myths and further understanding of autism. Please look at the attached documents for further information.

Paul free autism training.pdf - 500.6 KB
FREE Zoom talks hosted by Autism Bucks. Presented by Paul Isaacs, Georgina Watts and Zaffy Simone (1).pdf - 404.2 KB

Bucks County Council

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Buckinghamshire libraries reopen for book borrowing in person

Buckinghamshire Council is delighted to announce that all 29 libraries in Buckinghamshire are now open again for book borrowing in person. The first libraries reopened on 6 July, when government restrictions were lifted, and the very last one, Iver Heath Community Library, opened this week.


All the libraries have the recommended Covid-19 safety measures in place, so things will look a little different and at busy times people may be asked to queue. Opening times are also slightly shorter at the moment, but libraries will be increasing these as soon as they are able to do so.


Anyone who still has books out on loan since March, and there are still over 3,000 people who have, are asked to return them to their library before 30 September, as this is when the fines amnesty will come to an end.


Gareth Williams, Cabinet Member for Communities & Public Health, commented:


"Local libraries are a highly valued resource, not just for reading and relaxation but – now more than ever – they are a real lifeline connecting residents to services and sources of help and advice. This is why it's such welcome news that all of our libraries have now reopened."


Information about the opening times of your local library can be found at:


Buckinghamshire schools to welcome pupils back

After six months away from the classroom, schools across Buckinghamshire are looking forward to welcoming pupils from all year groups back to face to face learning next week.


Buckinghamshire Council has been working with local schools to implement strict new measures to protect students and staff and arrangements are now in place ready for the start of the new school year. The autumn term begins at most schools from next Wednesday, 2 September, with all schools in the county being 100% open by Friday 11 September. All schools have carried out a risk assessment so parents and carers can be assured that every care has been taken to ensure schools are as safe as possible.


Parents and carers will find many changes when their children go back to school next week, with arrangements tailored to each individual site. These will be communicated by the schools themselves directly to parents and carers. There will also be a strong focus on the emotional well-being of pupils, as well as their need to catch up with their studies.


We have tried to find consistency where appropriate and many schools will have similar new measures in place, such as:


  • staggered start and finish times to the school day;

  • pupils being put into ‘bubbles’, maybe within their class or year group, so they mix with the same children but are distanced from others outside their bubble;

  • avoiding whole-school gatherings like assemblies;

  • extra cleaning especially around high contact points;

  • installing hand sanitisers;

  • making PPE available



We would also ask parents and carers to do their bit as we all work together to get children back into school safely. Where possible, please can parents/carers:


  • consider how you travel to school and walk or cycle where possible;

  • if you drive, park sensibly and responsibly and where possible, a walkable distance away from school to avoid too many crowds around the school site;

  • respect social distancing at all times and avoid staying and chatting during drop off and collection times;

  • wash school uniforms regularly during the week and items like water bottles and lunch boxes daily;

  • avoid letting your child go to school with any unnecessary items like toys, unless there’s a good reason for bringing something in.



Most importantly, if your child or a member of your household or support bubble shows any symptoms of Covid-19, please do not send your child or children to school; please inform your school as quickly as possible, and please book a test as soon as soon as you can.


Anita Cranmer, Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Education and Skills said:


“It’s essential we get our children back into the classroom and Wednesday will be a great day for Buckinghamshire schoolchildren when they can finally start working with their teachers again in the classroom. We know this has been an incredibly difficult and uncertain time for children of all ages, from exam stress in older year groups to children in Reception who started school last September, only to have their education interrupted. Every child has had to cope with a huge change and we are acutely aware of that, and will make sure together with our schools there is appropriate support in place.


I also want to reassure parents and carers that the number of coronavirus cases in Buckinghamshire is currently low and we are constantly monitoring our local position. We have very clear plans in place should there be any change in the local data, and what we will do if there is a positive case at a school.”


Where school transport and getting your child to school is concerned, we would ask parents and carers to consider walking or cycling where possible. We are adding extra public bus services on busy routes, but we would ask you to avoid using buses if possible to avoid traffic congestion. Children using public transport should be confident with managing social distancing, their face covering and hand hygiene.


As for the council-run school buses, we are working with schools where possible to create ‘bubble-friendly’ seating arrangements, and although it’s not mandatory, we would still ask that children over the age of 11 use a face covering and practice social distancing from anyone outside their bubbles.


Up to date bus timetable information is available on the Buckinghamshire Council website, (see the link below) and for those who have bus passes issued by the Council, they should all arrive by the start of the term but there will be an one-week ‘amnesty’ in case of any delays. (This means children will be able to board the bus if they don’t have their pass during the first week of school and up to 11 September).


David Martin, Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Logistics said:


“We have worked really hard with schools to consider how children should safely travel to and from school, as well as the arrangements for them once they’re on site. We have plans in place to mitigate the risks as much as possible and we do ask that parents and carers talk through these arrangements with their children, especially those old enough to travel to school alone. Parents and carers will find lots of helpful and important information on safe travel to school during the autumn term on the Council’s website so please do take a look at the guidance.”


Get voting to help Bucks based sports charity secure much-needed cash boost.

The only Buckinghamshire based charity nominated for a possible share of this year's £1m Persimmon Homes' Building Futures fund is looking for your online votes to help it secure vital, additional funding for the future.


Horizon Sports Club, founded in 1998 and based in High Wcombe, is the only club in the county providing a range of sporting opportunities for children and young people with varying disabilities. Through activities including swimming, tennis, football and ball skills, their specialist coaching provides unique opportunities and development for all those taking part.


And local Buckinghamshire Council councillor and Horizon chairman Lesley Clarke OBE is looking for a few minutes of your time to help secure much needed votes to boost the club's chances of cash success.


"As the only Buckinghamshire based charity in the running for these awards, I really hope residents, businesses and local communities right across the county will lend their support. The top cash prizes are £100,000, £50,000 and £20,000 as well as individual grants of £5,000, so it's a great opportunity to secure much-needed additional money especially at this time with Covid having such an effect on the charity sector as a whole.


"Voting is easy - simply log on to and scroll down to select Horizon Sports Club. You can vote as many times as you like, however no more than once in any 24hr period."


Lesley added, "The more votes we get, the greater our chances of success so please spare a few minutes and help support a great Buckinghamshire charity."


The closing date for voting is midnight on 18 September 2020.


For further information about the work of Horizon, please visit their website:

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