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Roadworks and diversions
Bear in mind that the Roadworks Map link, on the above website, isn't particularly useful as it will look as if the majority of roads are closed when they aren't and the dates for closure span many weeks with no specific closed dates. It's no wonder people ignore 'road closed' signs as they often are not. Ed

Added 1st February 2022

Fraud articles - Thames Valley Community Magazine

You can read the Thames Valley Community Magazine by clicking this link:

There are several articles on 'scams' that may interest you.

Neighbourhood Policing Week


From 23 - 29 January we celebrated Neighbourhood Policing Week across the Thames Valley.


Throughout the last seven days we have been focusing on the vital work that our neighbourhood officers, PCSOs and volunteers carry out every day to protect our communities.


From patrolling their local areas, to hosting Have Your Say events and visiting schools it has been another busy week for our Neighbourhood Teams.


Outside of this week of action, our Neighbourhood Teams and volunteers carry out this work and so much more 365 days a year. They're the local faces in our communities, providing vital services and support, and we couldn't be more grateful


To find out more information on what your local team does click here


Added 25th January 2022

Combatting Fraud

Fraud is the biggest area of crime these days, and everyone is vulnerable. TVP and Neighbourhood Watch are doing all we can to combat this risk. It is important to keep up to date in this area, so we recommend the following:

1. Check out the advice at & cyberhoodwatch

2. Consider the comprehensive Govt. advice here

3. Take a look at these guides from the police:

Little Book of Big Scams (Fifth Edition) (

The Little Booklet of Phone Scams (

Little Book of Cyber Scams (

It is especially important for residents to pass on advice to more elderly and vulnerable neighbours, as criminals target them the most. Please help all you can.

Added 18th January 2022

Think WIDEN to prevent burglary

Nearly two-thirds (65%)* of us are worried about our home being broken into, yet there are simple, proven measures we can all take to halve our chances of being burgled.

We have joined forces with our longstanding primary smart security partner, ERA Home Security, to bring you our Think WIDE(N) burglary prevention campaign highlighting the simple, evidence-based WIDE measures which can be taken in any home on a variety of budgets.

At Neighbourhood Watch, we also believe neighbours keeping an eye out for each other is key to reducing burglary, so we've extended the WIDE acronym to WIDE(N):

W: WINDOWS: Keep your windows locked
I: INTERIOR: Put inside lights on a timer/smart bulb
D: DOORS: Double or deadlock your doors
E: EXTERIOR: Put outside lights on a sensor
(N): NEIGHBOURS: Keep an eye out for your neighbours

Leaving home? Use this free home security checklist to leave your home safe and secure.

Learn more here.

* Neighbourhood Watch Crime and Community Survey 2022

£100,000 available to community groups to help prevent crime across TV


We will be opening applications to the first of two rounds of the Community Fund in 2023 on Monday 16th January at 9am.


Chief Constable John Campbell, said: “Using money generated from the sale of items seized from criminals that cannot be returned to their rightful owners is a great way of funding worthy projects and other work across the Thames Valley.


“This funding will play a big part in helping voluntary and community groups across the Thames Valley. It will allow them to continue to run projects that play such a big role in preventing crime and protecting our communities.


The Community Fund, jointly managed by the PCC and the Chief Constable, helps to prevent crime and keep communities safe. Money for the scheme is created from the proceeds from the sale of items seized from criminals that cannot be returned to their rightful owners.


Organisations from across Thames Valley can apply for grants for projects that support one or more of the PCC’s ‘Police and Criminal Justice Plan’ priorities:



•                  Strong Local Policing (preventing crime & protecting communities)


•                  Fighting Serious Organised Crime (protecting vulnerable people)


•                  Fighting Fraud & Cybercrime (fighting modern crimes)


•                  Improving the Criminal Justice System (reducing re-offending)


•                  Tackling illegal encampments (reducing the impact of encampments)


The closing date for this round of applications is 4pm on Monday 6th February and applications will be considered jointly by the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) and the Chief Constable.


Further information, can be found here.

Feeling Blue? Don’t suffer in silence – help is available in Buckinghamshire

January can be an inspiring start to the new year, but some may still face challenges during the first few weeks. Current cost-of-living pressures have affected us all in different ways, and for many it has meant that this year has started differently to the previous ones.


The colder, shorter days of winter can also have an impact on how we’re feeling so it’s important to know what mental health support is available, and how to access it. It’s good to note that it’s okay to not feel okay, and that during these difficult times, some people might be facing mental health difficulties for the first time. This is why it’s especially important to look out for others and reach out for help when it’s needed.


If you are struggling to cope, and feeling low or worried, the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone, and that help is widely available across the county.


If you are struggling to heat your home or afford bills, Buckinghamshire Council’s Helping Hand initiative can help to ease financial pressures and support individuals or families in need, or those on low incomes. You can also visit the page to access advice, information and support if you are facing a financial emergency or a crisis.


Residents in Buckinghamshire also have a range of options when it comes to mental health support and where to find it. If you are concerned about your mental wellbeing, contacting your GP is an excellent first point of contact to establish what support is right for you.


Additionally, you can contact NHS 111 at any time to speak to an NHS mental health professional, who is ready to support adults and children if they are concerned about their mental health, or the mental health of others. For a full list of organisations and helplines that can help you to support your wellbeing, visit Buckinghamshire Council’s Care Advice Mental health and wellbeing webpages.


There are many sources of mental health support available to help prevent people from reaching a crisis point. However, if you or someone close to you is in danger of harming themselves then please get help by calling 999 or going to the nearest Accident and Emergency Department. For most residents of Buckinghamshire, the closest department is at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

Added 11th January 2022

The most recent Neighbourhood Quarterly Updates are now available


I’d like to highlight that my Neighbourhood teams have recently published their Quarterly Updates for your area; covering the last three months of 2022. These reports seek to summarise officers’ work occurring over the course of the period; aimed at addressing the community’s greatest concerns. They also serve to inform you as to the crime picture in your region, upcoming plans, and occasionally offer a narrative on relevant policing issues.


All these quarterly reports can be found on the excellent Policing Issues Forum website:


Whilst I would encourage you to browse the website’s content (including a archive of former updates), more broadly, relevant hyperlinks are listed below, for your ease of reference:


·  Amersham, Chalfonts & Missendens


·  Beaconsfield


·  Chesham


·  Denham & Gerrards Cross:


I trust these reports serve to illustrate the continuing efforts which my teams deliver on behalf of their communities. Yet, I remain open to feedback: should you feel that there are improvements which should feature in future versions, I will certainly consider any suggestions which I receive.


James Ellis | Neighbourhood Inspector | Amersham and Taplow

P3192 | South Buckinghamshire LPA | Twitter @TVP_SouthBucks

The January edition of OUR NEWS is here

We are pleased to bring you the first edition of OUR NEWS for 2023 - our newsletter for Neighbourhood Watch supporters across England and Wales.

This edition covers articles on the new government emergency alerts system, how to prevent burglary and protect your friends from romance fraud, understanding ‘secured by design’, offers from Patlock and Avast, how to avoid Amazon scams, how to find a trusted locksmith and more.

We hope you enjoy this edition as much as we enjoyed creating it.




Statement from Councillor Steven Broadbent, Cabinet Member for Transport


“The prolonged period of very cold conditions experienced before Christmas was the coldest in the region since 2010. Continuous freezing conditions like these can cause serious problems with road surfaces, both in the surface layers, where freeze-thaw action causes potholes and cracks to widen but affects the integrity of the underlying structure of the road if the frost penetrates deep enough.  This can cause sudden, fairly catastrophic failure in roads. 


This has then been followed by an extremely wet period, which also causes more rapid deterioration. This is exacerbated where road surfaces are already damaged, and especially through extensive use by HGVs, such as we are seeing in many parts of Buckinghamshire, most notably associated with construction works for HS2 and East West Rail.  As such, we are experiencing increased numbers of potholes and other related defects on the network and can expect this upward trend to continue over the next few weeks at least.


Where a defect is unsafe, repairs will be made as quickly as possible. Ideally this will be undertaken as a long-lasting repair, but at times, such as during very wet or cold weather, or when it is an emergency “out of hours” repair, this may be possible and a temporary “make-safe” repair will be undertaken.  In extreme cases the issue may require the temporary closure of the road. None of these temporary options are ideal, as this type of repair may not last very long in poor weather, particularly where the road is subject to large numbers of HGV movements.  The best time to fix roads defects properly is when the weather is warm and dry – which, of course, is the opposite of when the majority of the problems occur!  Transport for Buckinghamshire is working hard to assess and rectify defects as soon as possible.


The council continues to invest heavily in our highway network and the ongoing programme of local schemes and strategic road repairs/improvements continues.


Prudent financial planning has meant that severe weather reserves exist to help fund the required priority repairs to deal with the issues we are currently seeing.   Where the damage can be attributed either in whole, or in part, to schemes such as HS2 or East West Rail, the council will negotiate appropriate third-party payments to ensure Buckinghamshire residents’ are not footing the bill.


Regular inspections and repairs to our highways continue in line with our highways inspection policy, so that the travelling public can travel safely. With over 2,100 miles of carriageway across our county, the Transport for Buckinghamshire team welcome reports of potholes and other issues on our highways from residents. We urge residents not to repair potholes themselves - the best way to report a problem on the highway, so the council can repair the roads, is via Fix My Street


This allows a problem to be reported by postcode or a click on a map and is directed to the most appropriate team to deal with in an expedited fashion. Fix My Street also allows you to see if the problem has already been reported to save duplication and you will receive automatic updates on progress of the follow up inspection or repair.”


There's a massive hole outside my house, I'm not reporting it as I'm hoping it'll slow down the morons that think my road has a chequered flag at the end of it!




Buckinghamshire Council confirms 2023/24 budget proposals

Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet has agreed to recommend to full Council its proposed budget and council tax rates for 2023/24. These are subject to further scrutiny by the Finance and Resources Select Committee and agreement by Council.


The budget has been drawn up against a backdrop of global economic turbulence and uncertainty. High inflation driven by the war in Ukraine and extra demands on the council’s services are adding an extra £63 million in costs for next year before a penny of next year’s budget is even spent.


It means the council is proposing a 2.99% rise in the base rate of council tax. This is set against an increase in inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index of over 10%. In addition, it is planning to take up the Government’s proposal for a Social Care Precept of 2%, meaning a total rise of 4.99% in bills. The Cabinet were very aware that helping relieve pressures in social care is fundamental to helping the NHS during the winter peak in demand.


This would mean a rise in council tax of £1.61 per week for the average home (Band D) in Buckinghamshire.


The budget proposals also outline which areas the council is allocating funding for – and how much, after nearly 2,000 residents fed in their views on the budget plans. This includes:


  • More than £125 million fixing and maintaining roads
  • Nearly £143 million for schools improvements
  • £20 million on housing and tackling homelessness
  • More than £14 million to tackle Climate Change and prevent flooding
  • Investing more than £20 million in our waste and recycling facilities


The budget report considered by Cabinet today includes detail about how the Covid-19 pandemic and global factors have created considerable extra pressures on the budget this year. There have been many more people needing support and social care from the council following the pandemic; more children and families are facing need and more adults are receiving social care – 3% more in a year. The economic uncertainty and high inflation also mean the council's own costs are much higher too across the piece, whether that’s the cost of materials to fix and build roads, energy costs or the cost of providing social care services.


The council is, however, in a stable and positive financial position compared to many other local authorities – we are able to present a balanced budget which includes major spend on services residents have told us that they want us to focus on. Importantly, we are continuing to achieve savings from becoming a single unitary authority in 2020. The council is finding a total of £10 million in savings across all departments to balance the books in 2023/24.


Nearly 2000 residents fed into the consultation on these budget plans and these views have been reflected in the proposals in the council’s Revenue and Capital Programmes. Residents will have further opportunity to respond to the overall budget plans when these proposals are scrutinised by the cross-party Budget Scrutiny Inquiry Task and Finish Group during the week commencing January 9th. Residents can email questions and comments on the budget and these will be considered during these meetings.


Have your say – what would you like to see from tourism in Bucks?

Buckinghamshire Council has launched a new Tourism Survey to help shape the future of Buckinghamshire’s tourism sector.


The council believes that residents, businesses and stakeholders have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of what the county has to offer, and they want you to share your thoughts on how they could make the most of Buckinghamshire’s cultural and natural attractions – as well as tell them what you think tourism businesses would need in the future to achieve their goals.


Share your views on where ‘must visit’ places in Buckinghamshire are, and where you recommend people visit to see the beauty and culture the county has to offer.


Tourism is an important part of our local economy, as visitors spending their time and money in Buckinghamshire support more than 13,000 local jobs and over 2,000 small businesses. This survey has been launched to help design a new strategy and action plan for the tourism sector, which will aim to identify new opportunities and to support communities across Buckinghamshire. All responses will be used to develop a strategy which will allow tourism in Buckinghamshire to flourish and grow, supporting local jobs, workers and industries.


The survey will be running until 17 February 2023 and can be completed by Buckinghamshire residents, business owners and other tourism stakeholders. You can complete the survey here.


Nominations are now open for the Proud of Bucks Awards

Nominations are now open for Buckinghamshire Council’s Proud of Bucks Awards 2022 – generously sponsored by The Clare Foundation.


The awards aim to recognise and celebrate outstanding community contribution carried out by local volunteers, groups and organisations during 2022. They acknowledge Buckinghamshire’s communities that have made a positive impact in their local areas.


Just like last year, each of Buckinghamshire’s 16 Community Boards will be celebrating local people in three award categories. Members of the public are invited to send in their nominations for those who they feel deserve recognition and praise. The three award categories are:


  • Local Community Champion – For an individual (aged 21 and over) who has made a clear and positive impact in their local community during 2022.
  • Young Community Champion – For a young person (under age 21) who has made a clear and positive impact in their local community or towards their peers during 2022.
  • Community Group Contribution – Recognises and celebrates a group in the Community Board area who has made a clear and positive impact on the community during 2022.


There are lots of ways to nominate someone for a Proud of Bucks Award, including submitting a nomination online or downloading a form and returning it by email. People can also visit their local Buckinghamshire library to pick up or drop off a printed paper copy. Find out more and nominate here.


The closing date for nominations is Sunday 12 February. Nominations will be reviewed by a panel of judges and the winners will be announced in the spring.


The Proud of Bucks Awards 2022 are sponsored by The Clare Foundation

Added 4th January 2022

Keeping your loved ones safer
Happy New Year! I hope 2023 will be a good one for you.

One thing that might help is a special mobile phone App that has been designed to keep your loved ones safer - whatever age they may be! And you could use it yourself too. Take a look at:

Stay safe in '23!

Minimising Burglary Risk' - a video
Happy New Year!

Shortly before Christmas I held an online meeting, supported by Thames Valley Police, on 'Minimising Burglary Risk'. This was arranged in response to a recent peak in this type of crime. As many people were unable to join the meeting, I am attaching a link to a video covering the subject, together with another one for the accompanying 'Security Checklist'. Although you could use the Checklist on its own, it is better to watch the video first for a full explanation.

After watching the video and using the Checklist you will either identify aspects of your home security that warrant attention, or you willl be reassured that you have everything covered to a high standard. Here's the link.