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Roadworks and diversions
Bear in mind that the Roadworks Map link, in green on the above website, isn't particularly useful as it will look as if the majority of roads are closed when they aren't and the dates for closure span many weeks with no specific closed dates. It's no wonder people ignore 'road closed' signs as they often are not. Ed

Added 11th May 2022

Roman Gladiators return to Chiltern Open Air Museum

On 28  - 29 May from 10 am to 5 pm, Roman Gladiators will be invading Chiltern Open Air Museum.

Watch fearsome gladiators in action as a team of criminals, barbarians and other prisoners of war, disgraced soldiers and thrill seekers fight for the entertainment of the crowds and the Emperor.  Who will live, and who will die: you decide!  Meet the costumed re-enactors and learn about life in the 1st century AD with gladiatorial displays taking place at 12 and 3pm.

The gladiators will be brought to life by Britannia, who will be demonstrating the excitement and brutality of life in the late Roman period.  Britannia have worked on over 150 TV and film projects, including Ridley Scott’s Gladiator and CBBC’s Horrible Histories. 

Find out more and book at
Join us for this historic occasion by taking part in our free, magical augmented reality story-trail.
Located around Chalfont St Giles are seven magical characters on a day trip from Buckingham Palace. Join Sir Barnaby Beacon on the trail as he visits his friends, you’ll be able to see them augmented reality, decide what happens next in the story and even win a free digital fun pack at the end. Not only that, but each of the characters will tell you about a decade in The Queen’s historic seventy-year reign.
To learn more or start the trail, go here
To take part simply:
1.Visit the website to see the trail map
2.   Visit each of the characters
3.   Scan their unique QR codes with your smartphone, learn more of the story and take a hilarious selfie with the character in AR
4.   When you’ve found them all, download your free digital fun pack
Question The Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police

Do you have a question that you want to ask the Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police?

Perhaps you want to know what the priorities are for your police force?

What a day in the life of a senior police officer is like?

Or even which three people, dead or alive, would be invited to his ideal dinner party?

Chief Constable John Campbell is holding two online question and answer events next week and invites you to join him and ask your question:

- 7pm - 8.30pm, Wednesday 18 May using our online Q&A website at

- 7pm, Thursday 19 May via Facebook Live - you will need a Facebook account to join this event.

Make a note in your diaries and we'll see you there!

Chiltern South Bucks Spring Rural Update
My aim to work with the rural community in developing working practices together to reduce crime is gathering pace. In February this year we conducted a week of action resulting in visits to 46 rural locations to make people aware of current crime trends and crime prevention techniques.

To successfully deal with this type of crime we need to work with our bordering forces, as frequently criminals are travelling from other areas, and I have been in talks with Aylesbury and Wycombe about better collaboration in the future. Already we are conducting joint operations with High Wycombe, Herts Pol and the Met and will utilise our own proactive Road Policing Department and The Rural Taskforce. Analytical data will focus us to target identified routes to intercept travelling criminals on our road networks. These operations have had a massive effect on reducing burglary and capturing drug transits. With the increase in plant theft if you are driving through our area, towing plant, on an operation day, you can expect to be stopped to ensure that no traffic offences are being committed and that the plant you have is not stolen. The last 3 days of action resulted in 5 vehicles being recovered, 9 people being reported for various offences and detailed examination of 5 pieces of travelling plant machinery.

The Rural Crime taskforce has already been making an impact on our area. These specially trained officers have been able to bring their skills to our area and have already been executing warrants and recovering stolen plant and machinery. Check out twitter @TVP_RuralCrime and @TVPChiltern&Southbucks for current updates.

With the sudden increase with prices, we are expecting an increase in the following: Thefts of trailers, thefts of fuel and theft of feed. So more than ever, we need to ensure that security protocols are in place. I have done an overview of rural crime since the start of the year:
Theft of 18 metres of copper earth cabling in Chesham on 7/2/22.
Theft of MJ plant yellow dumper truck on 2/4/22 at Prestwood.
Theft of a calf in Prestwood on 14/2/22
Theft of £10,000 worth of aluminium in Iver on 21/2/22
Theft of 800 litres of red diesel in Missenden on 23/2/22
Theft of horse trailer in Dorney 8/4/22 Ifor Williams dark blue horse trailer.
Theft of Plant in Seer Green 11/4/22 generator and 1t skip loading dumper stolen.
Theft of Ifor Williams trailers and 2 digger buckets in Chalfont St Giles 10/4-11/4/22
Theft of Ifor Williams converted into Camper in Little Kingshill 8/4/22.
Theft of Leaf blower on 13/4/22 in Penn.
Theft of livestock transporter from Little Missenden on 13/4/22 recovered.
Theft of mini Bobcat E10 digger from Farnham Common.
Theft of mini Kubota digger stolen from Penn on 13/4/22
Attempted theft of Ad blue in Denham on 26/4/22.

Burglaries 4 at locations in Woodrow, Hyde Heath, Chalfont St Giles and Denham. Kubota tractor and plant machinery batteries stolen.
Crim Damage 4 – Two related to hare coursing damaging fencing.
Hare Coursing /hunting x 7.
Dog offences worrying livestock x 2.

This month your Chiltern & South Bucks NH Teams will be visiting horse yards and stables will be visited and given Country Watch Crime Reduction Packs. Tack and tool marking will also take place. Appointments can be arranged for tack marking at a later date. Rural Spotters will also be actively promoted and we will announce a training date and location in the coming weeks.

Whats App: Following the launch of the Chiltern Rural Community Group Whats App Group is now up and running. The group is run by the public, with Nicole Johnson, the administrator being responsible for admitting persons into the group. If you would like to sign up please e-mail Nicole at

A code of conduct needs to be agreed to. The purpose of the group is not a crime reporting tool, but to share information about suspicious incidents to make both the community and Police aware. The direct engagement with the Neighbourhood Team will assist the Police in where to target their patrols and in which areas to raise their visibility.

There is the Land Watch Whats App group for South Bucks. Tabish from Beaconsfield Parish Council administrates this scheme and if you would like to join please e-mail or call 01494 675173.

It is important to report all crimes. We need information to target resources and develop intelligence. Tell us if you think an offence has or is about to be committed. If it is happening now, ring 999. If you have information that does not require an immediate response report it to Thames Valley Police online or by calling 101. You can report or pass information about rural crime anonymously to the Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or online.
Tvnhwa Annual Meeting - 21st May 2022

Please look out for a Zoom link that will be sent to all Members a few days before our Annual Meeting for members on 21st May. The meeting will start at 10.00 a.m. but you will be able to join shortly before this.

We are delighted to have as Speakers Matthew Barber, the PCC for Thames Valley, Chief Superintendent Katy Barrow-Grint from Thames Valley Police, and John Hayward-Cripps, the CEO of Neighbourhood Watch Network, our national charity. Our own new TVNHWA Chair, Paul Adkins, will bring you up-to-date on our plans for the future.

If time permits, we plan to add a brief Q&A Session after each Speaker. Should you already have a question that you would like to put to any of these Speakers, it would be helpful if you email it as soon as possible to me at: We cannot guarantee to answer all questions individually, and may combine similar ones, but we will do our best.

Bucks County Council

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Reminder:Changes to bin collections in the south of the county

Buckinghamshire Council and waste contractor Veolia are issuing a friendly reminder that from next week – commencing Monday 9 May – residents living in the south of the county may have a new bin day.


The bin collection day changes come as part of vital improvements to the recycling and waste service in the former Chiltern, South Bucks and Wycombe district areas. All affected households will have received a letter and a calendar towards the end of April explaining the upcoming changes and detailing new bin day collection schedules.


If you haven’t already, please check your new bin day online.


Peter Strachan, Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change said,


“Please make sure you’ve read your letter and calendar carefully, or have used the online bin day checker, so you are aware and ready for the upcoming changes coming into effect from Monday 9 May.”


“We know that these bin collection changes may cause some small disruptions in the short term as residents and crews get used to the new bin collection days. I’d like to say a big thank you to residents for their patience and understanding during this time.”


Read more about the improvements to the recycling and waste service in the south of the county on the Buckinghamshire Council website.


Bucks Council - fresh financial support package for residents in need

Buckinghamshire Council has finalised a new package of support for residents facing financial hardship and who are struggling with rising bills and costs.


The Council has already announced additional measures it’s put in place on top of the government’s national council tax rebate scheme. As well as that help, today Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet has finalised how it will allocate a further £2.4 million of funding from the Government’s Household Support Fund, to help residents struggling to pay bills and buy food.


Residents facing severe financial hardship can contact the council’s Helping Hand service which can:


  • help with energy, cooking, lighting and water bills
  • support with food costs through vouchers
  • pay for household essentials such as sanitary products, boiler servicing, warm clothing costs


£880,000 of the funding has been allocated to provide food vouchers to families in need, including covering children’s meals during school holidays if they are eligible for free school meals during term time. These digital food vouchers will also be available for Afghan and Ukrainian families who’ve arrived in Buckinghamshire as a package of wider support for these families under Helping Hand.


The Household Support Fund package is designed - through Helping Hand - to help families with children, pensioners and other vulnerable households who are struggling with paying for the basics of food, clothing and heating.


This new wave of Helping Hand funding comes on top of extra support the council is giving to residents who may not be in crisis but who are still struggling with the sharp increase in household bills.


  • The £150 council tax rebate is now being paid to eligible households (council tax bands A-D) across Buckinghamshire as part of the national scheme to offset the cost of energy bills – the Buckinghamshire scheme has been designed so the funds can be issued as quickly as possible and this is now happening sooner than in some other council areas
  • On top of the national council tax scheme, the council has introduced its own scheme and is making £150 payments to eligible residents who live in Bands E-H who are in receipt of certain benefits such as Employment and Support Allowance
  • Under a further strand of Buckinghamshire Council help, the council is also topping up payments under both schemes through the Helping Hand programme, meaning some residents will also be eligible for an extra £25 payment on top of the other payments.


The council is also providing extra support for families during the school holidays through its HAF (holiday activities and food) scheme, ensuring families have access to quality food and care outside of term-time.


Get active in Bucks with National Walking Month!

National Walking Month takes place every May and is an excellent opportunity to get active and learn more about the local walks in Buckinghamshire. The aim of the month is to get everyone to walk more, even if it is only a short distance. Adding a little more activity into a daily routine can have a huge impact on mental and physical wellbeing, the environment – and your wallet.


Choosing to walk a short journey instead of driving can benefit your overall health, reducing the risk of serious health conditions such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. It's also a reliable, low-cost travel option that has significant advantages for the environment. By swapping your short daily drive to a brisk walk, you can reduce congestion, improve road safety, and lower pollution – meanwhile saving fuel. If walking all the way to work or school doesn’t seem possible, you can always use public transport, or park a short distance away and cover the last leg by foot. View our public rights of way map to access picturesque walking routes throughout Buckinghamshire.


To be more active, you can try to:


  • Leave the car at home at least once a week and walk instead.
  • Get on or off a stop later or earlier than usual, if taking a bus.
  • Take the stairs instead of lifts or escalators.
  • Encourage small children to walk short distances, trying to reduce the use of a buggy.
  • Take a walk during a lunch break or hold a walking meeting.


While lockdown helped to show us all the benefits of walking outside in nature – keeping us fit and aiding our mental health – it’s important to continue these habits even after all the restrictions have been lifted. Walking in the fresh air with family and friends can turn exercise into an enjoyable social occasion. While walking, we recommend keeping to footpaths and steering clear from long grass, to prevent tick bites.


You can find out about the location of these unique walks on Buckinghamshire Council's website. And for those who like to go on organised walks, visit the Council’s Simply Walk programme. You can also follow the 20 ways of adding 20 minutes of walking to your day for a fun challenge.


Celebrating our fostering community


Buckinghamshire Council is celebrating all its foster carers, their families and the wider fostering community as it kicks off ‘Foster Care Fortnight’ in Buckinghamshire (9 to 22 May), exploring this year’s theme of Fostering Communities.


There are currently over 500 children in Buckinghamshire who need a safe and loving home. People go into fostering for all kinds of reasons and Buckinghamshire Council wants everyone to know about the process, the support and most importantly, the rewards that fostering can bring.


If you’re thinking about fostering, or know someone who is, Foster Care Fortnight is the perfect time to find out more.


Throughout the fortnight Buckinghamshire Council will be sharing the words of our amazing foster carers and colleagues, exploring what’s so special about fostering, talking about why we urgently need more foster carers, and shining a spotlight on the amazing support network that is there for you as a foster carer with Buckinghamshire Council.


In addition to stories, videos and testimony on our Foster with Bucks Facebook (@FosterBucks) and Twitter (@FosterWithBucks) during Foster Care Fortnight, we’re holding a special information evening on Wednesday 18 May, and a live Twitter Q&A at lunchtime on Thursday 19 May – submit your questions using the #AskFosterBucks or email


During Foster Care Fortnight, Buckinghamshire Council is also introducing its new way of supporting Buckinghamshire foster carers, being piloted in the autumn, The Fostering Network’s innovative Mockingbird family model. The evidence-based model nurtures the relationships between children, young people and foster families, supporting them to build a resilient and caring community.


It brings together a community of up to ten foster families with a hub home carer at the centre. The hub home carer, who is a specially trained, experienced foster carer, provides support, understanding and friendship to all the carers and young people within the group, replicating the support and relationships of an extended family.


Find out more at here.


Residents invited to register for affordable renewable energy offer

Residents in Buckinghamshire can take advantage of a group-buying scheme to purchase items such as solar panels, battery storage and electric vehicle charging points helping to save on their energy costs and cut carbon emissions.


Buckinghamshire Council has joined the Solar Together initiative, run by iChoosr, as part of its commitment to tackling climate change and supporting local people to access affordable ways to reduce their carbon footprint.


The Solar Together scheme operates in a similar way to the popular collective energy switching schemes. It enables groups of residents to come to together to invest in renewable sources of energy such as solar panels and battery storage, through an innovative group-buying scheme. Buying in this way allows householders to benefit from more competitive rates and ensures high-quality installation from pre-approved installers.


The scheme has been running for four years across the UK. More than 7,000 installations have been carried out, saving an estimated 130,000+ tonnes of lifetime carbon emissions.


From this week, the scheme is open to Buckinghamshire residents. In addition to buying solar panels with optional battery storage and EV charge points, residents who have already invested in solar panels can also retrofit battery storage, allowing them to get more from the renewable energy they generate and increase their independence from the National Grid.


Interested householders can register for free online from Monday 9 May to become part of the local group, with no obligation. Pre-approved UK solar PV suppliers will participate in an auction on 14 June. Suppliers are able to offer competitive pricing according to the volume of potential customers in the local area, so they are able to reduce their costs which they pass on to the customers through lower pricing for materials and installations. After the auction, registered households will be emailed a personal recommendation specific to the details they submitted in their application. If they choose to accept the recommendation, a technical survey will be arranged, and a date set for the installation of their new system.


The scheme is widely welcomed by organisations across Buckinghamshire. Ian Barham, Partnership Director at the Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership said: “Buckinghamshire LEP are delighted to see this new initiative taking place. It is important that all businesses look to work collaboratively to reduce their environmental footprint and as a Local Enterprise Partnership we will be encouraging groups of businesses to work together to take advantage of these new opportunities. We are also currently undertaking an audit of the Net Zero economy in Buckinghamshire, to identify our local strengths in this area and to spot areas for future growth. If your business would like to participate in this audit please complete the latest Buckinghamshire Business Barometer that can be found here."


To find out more or to register your interest in the Solar Together scheme visit: here


You can find more information on this and other actions to address climate change on our website.

Added 4th May 2022

What Do You Think About Neighbourhood Watch?

Please take a few minutes to complete our short NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH INSIGHTS SURVEY 2022 and share it with your networks. It’s so important to us, as a charity, that we receive feedback from as many people across England and Wales as possible - members and non-members.

Plus, you could opt-in to our prize draw to win £25!

The survey closes on the 15th of May 2022.

Our News Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter May Edition


OUR NEWS Neighbourhood Watch newsletter – MAY EDITION


Welcome to the May edition of OUR NEWS. This month it features articles on:

  • Should you accept all cookies?
  • Neighbourhood Watch Insights Survey 2022
  • Our Neighbourhood Watch Journey
  • Neighbourhood Watch Week
  • Protect your car - our top tips
  • Partner offers and more.


Click here to download as a PDF

Smart Motorway Safety Advice

Smart motorways are up and running in many places across the country, including parts of the Thames Valley.

What used to be the hard shoulder is now a fourth lane and there are overhead signs above the lanes.

These will display important information such as variable speed limits and lane closures.

It’s important that you obey these signs for your safety and that of other road users.

You’ll see a red 'X' if a lane is closed.

This can often be set far in advance of an incident to help those who are dealing with it.
Make sure to leave gaps in the traffic to allow people to filter into an open lane.

Driving in a closed lane could result in a fixed penalty of up to £100 and three points.

National Highways and Thames Valley Police will be carrying out enforcement on these roads.
For more information, please visit the National Highway’s website.

Bucks County Council

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Bucks residents offered discounted home composting equipment

Buckinghamshire Council is offering residents discounts of up to 40% on home compost bins, hot composters and food waste digesters. Many of these items are made from recycled plastic and all of them are made in the UK.


Composting is an inexpensive, natural process that transforms your kitchen and garden waste into a valuable and nutrient rich food for your garden. Compost is easy to use and a home composting bin can divert around 150 kg of organic waste per year from disposal per household.


Inspired by International Compost Awareness Week (1-7 May), Buckinghamshire Council is also offering an ‘Introduction to Home Composting’ webinar hosted by UK charity Garden Organic.


During the free one-hour webinar, residents will find out the:


  • Benefits of home composting
  • Composting process
  • Bin types and methods
  • Uses of compost in the garden
  • Benefits to the environment
  • Answers to common composting questions


The webinar will take place on three dates:



For more ways to reduce your carbon emissions and to help the environment, please see the Bucks Climate Challenge webpage.

Added 27th April 22

Be a Buddy Bucks

We are a group of local people who are looking to help those who are hosting Ukrainian families
We have members who are hosting, plus those who are unable to host, but want to help - Buddies
If you are hosting or just want to help, why not join us?
Contact Malcolm at

Do You Kow About Dialling 159?


If you receive an unexpected or suspicious call about a financial matter from someone who claims to be from your bank, the police or any other authority figure:


Stop, hang up and then call 159.


Scams cause significant harm and loss to both individuals and businesses. In the first six months of 2021 alone, reported Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud—where victims are manipulated by criminals into making real-time payments— were 60% above the equivalent level for 2020 with the losses incurred by consumers and businesses 71% higher.[2]

To put this in cash terms, criminal gangs stole over £355m in the first six months of 2021 from individuals and small businesses by pretending to be either a bank or other service provider, and encouraging them to make a payment or transfer money. 159 is an important tool in helping prevent this harm.


Stop Scams UK launched 159 as a pilot. In the coming months Stop Scams UK will invest further in 159, including a new Intelligent Voice Response (IVR) system to route calls, and help better understand scam journeys. This will enable the service not only to serve a wider number of banking destinations, including existing, new and future members, but will help keep even more people stay safe. If the pilot is successful, Stop Scams UK will ask Ofcom to make 159 a universal number offered by all telephone providers, similar to 101, 111 or 999.


The banks participating in the 159 pilot are: Barclays; Lloyds (including Halifax and Bank of Scotland); NatWest (including Royal Bank of Scotland and Ulster Bank); Santander; and Starling Bank. If you don't bank with one of these brands and you call the service, you will be advised how to contact your bank directly.

  • 75,000 calls have been made to 159 since it launched at the end of September 2021.
  • 159 has now been upgraded to enable a major expansion of the service so it can accommodate an even larger number of the UK’s banks. The Co-operative Bank, the Nationwide Building Society and TSB have all now joined 159.
  • 59 is a collaboration between telecoms providers and banks that connects customers safely and securely to their bank, providing potential scam victims with a route back to safety if they receive an unexpected call on a financial matter.


An Invitation To Our Annual Meeting on 21st May


This is a reminder that the Thames Valley Neighbourhood Watch Association (TVNHWA) Annual Meeting will be held via Zoom on Saturday 21st May 2022, starting at 10.00 a.m.


TVNHWA supports all Neighbourhood Watch Schemes throughout Thames Valley, so naturally you will be very welcome to join this meeting, but please note that the maximum number we can accommodate is 400 attendees. The Meeting will be recorded, however, and available through our website after the event if you are unable to join the meeting itself.


Amongst our guest Speakers we will hear from Thames Valley Police and Neighbourhood Watch Network, our national organisation.


A full Agenda and joining link will be sent out a week or so before the event.


We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.


Explore Our Past Present and Future Journey & Let Us Know What You Think


As a valued Neighbourhood Watch supporter, we would like to share with you two exciting projects.  Firstly, we are launching OUR JOURNEY, an interactive presentation that takes you into our past, present, and future. Secondly, our INSIGHTS SURVEY 2022 lets us know your thoughts about how we are performing.


Explore our past, present and future journey


As you may already know, we are celebrating our 40th anniversary of building stronger communities this year. We are immensely proud of the journey we have embarked on together during these four decades to get us to where we are today. It goes without saying that we couldn’t have done it without the support of the public by our side all the way and the unwavering support of our dedicated army of volunteers, some of which have been volunteering with us for the entire 40 years.


Our journey through the past 40 years demonstrates the importance of neighbours coming together to build strong and resilient communities. Over the years, our communities have faced significant challenges from economic crises, cyber threats, floods and pandemics. We know that together, we are stronger, so to celebrate this landmark anniversary, we’ve launched an interactive timeline reflecting our rich past, strong present position, and future ambition to be the authoritative voice on community-based crime and the first step in connecting communities.




But don’t take our word for it; we invite you to let us know what you think


The past 40 years have seen the introduction of the internet, the opening of the Channel Tunnel, the first women priests in the Church of England, civil partnerships for same-sex couples, and seven different prime ministers. We believe we’ve remained relevant throughout this time by adapting and responding to the changing needs of communities and crime.


But what do you think? To find that out, we’re running a short survey across England and Wales for members and non-members alike. Your answers will be anonymous and help us identify positives we can build on and areas we may need to do better. To add to this, you could be in for a chance of winning £25 by completing the survey.


The survey will be open for three weeks (25th April – 15th May 2022), and initial results will be shared at the Neighbourhood Watch National Crime Conference held on 31st May 2022.



25th April – 15th May 2022


Please spread the word - we want to gain the broadest possible range of responses representing the diversity of England and Wales, especially those in cities and high crime areas. Please help us by sharing this survey link with your friends, family and networks. Forward this email, or post this link to your WhatsApp or social media groups.

Bucks County Council

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Council Tax rebates being paid to Buckinghamshire residents

Buckinghamshire residents living in homes under Council Tax bands A-D will begin receiving their £150 rebate payments from next week (w/c Mon 2 May). This is part of the national scheme to off-set the rise in energy costs.

Some residents who live in homes in Bands E-H who receive certain benefits such as Employment and Support Allowance will also be able to claim money back on their Council Tax under Buckinghamshire Council’s own scheme, which aims to provide extra support for those who need it but who don’t qualify for the national Bands A-D scheme.

Buckinghamshire residents who pay Council Tax by Direct Debit, and whose home is in Band A to D or who qualify for the Buckinghamshire Council scheme under Bands E-H, will automatically get the £150 back in their bank account in the next few weeks. If residents pay by another method, they will be contacted directly by letter about how to claim the payment.

The Council is also topping up payments under both schemes through its own ‘Helping Hand’ programme, meaning some residents will also be eligible for an extra £25 payment on top of the other payments.

Overall, the Council Tax rebates and £25 ‘top ups’ are designed to help as many residents as possible as households face rising fuel and energy prices and increases in other living costs.

Working together to combat fly-tipping

A man caught fly-tipping has been fined by magistrates following the incident being reported to Buckinghamshire Council and investigated by officers.

Mark Ashby, 62, of Denham Walk, Gerrards Cross, pleaded guilty to an offence of dumping waste illegally when he appeared at Wycombe Magistrates Court on 16 March 2022.

The court heard that on 5 February 2021, waste wood and plastic were found dumped off Mumfords Lane in Chalfont St Peter. A local resident reported the offence to the Council. In response, the Council’s Enforcement Team undertook an investigation. A local CCTV system managed to capture the illegal dumping offence. The CCTV recorded the suspect driving a Jaguar F-Pace, pulling into a small layby off Mumfords Lane. The suspect proceeded to exit the vehicle and fly-tip waste into the lay-by.

The vehicle was traced to a Mark Ashby at a Chalfont St Peter address. After numerous attempts by Buckinghamshire Council, Mr Ashby did not make himself available to discuss the matter. This would have been via an interview held at a local police station. Consequently, Buckinghamshire Council had no alternative but to summon Mr Ashby to court proceedings.

Magistrates fined Mark Ashby £360 and ordered him to pay clean-up and prosecution costs of £1,036. A victim surcharge of £36 was also levied – making a total to pay of £1,432.

Peter Strachan, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment said: “I would like to thank the member of the public who reported this incident to us. Our covert cameras are a fantastic tool for catching these criminals in the act but evidence from witnesses or simply reports of where incidents have taken place often help us to piece together what has happened and lead us to find the culprit and prosecute them.

“Buckinghamshire Council will not tolerate these offences and takes measures to gather evidence against offenders. This includes CCTV evidence which can be located anywhere in Buckinghamshire. The Council provide excellent waste facilities; there is absolutely no excuse for fly-tipping.”

To report fly-tipping visit: here

Added 20th April 2022

Careers Springboard, the registered charity based in Gerrards Cross, is a FREE service run by local volunteers to help managers and professionals find paid employment and graduates to find their first professional role.

We are based at Gerrards Cross but, given the current coronavirus issues, our weekly meetings are now based solely on video conferencing utilising Zoom. A Link to enable registered members to participate in our Monday virtual meetings is published each week in our weekly newsletter.

New members may register to join Careers Springboard by accessing our website and following the directions.

For further information visit :

Please join us and please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Our free weekly Monday evening virtual meetings, starting at 7.00pm, include networking opportunities and presentations which all relate to improving your job search skills.

Please check on our website for news and updates.

Please use our website to study job search related topics which will help you during the next few months.

In addition to these presentations, we continue to provide one-to-one virtual coaching services covering CV, interview practice, confidence building and many more jobseeker services.

All our services are FREE.

We strongly recommend that you check out our website   for more information about our Programme and how we can help all job seekers.

Our forthcoming online Zoom Monday evening presentations are as follows :

Monday 16 May ................CV - it is not dead ! :It is your CV which will get you your interview so make doubly sure that it is a clear and strong document which reflects who you are both positively and effectively.

Monday 23 May..................What it takes to be a Successful Interim Manager :  this is an increasingly popular career option - take an inside look at interim management - see how to rise and thrive in a way that is right for you.

Monday 30 May .....................Your Elevator Pitch (TMAY) : how to prepare, respond to and maximise the impact of the elevator pitch. Tell Me About Yourself (TMAY) is a must-have for every job search and interview.

Monday 6 June..................Switching to your Own Business : Identify your key assets, realise your true value via managing your own business - follow your passion, find opportunities and build a varied and exciting operation. This may be for you !

Monday 13 June................Negotiation - try to say no when you want to say yes ! : maximise your job negotiation skills, to achieve the very best job offer.

Bucks County Council

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Council enforcement action restores precious Green Belt land

Buckinghamshire Council has taken direct action to ensure an area of Green Belt land on the border of Little Chalfont and Chalfont St Giles has been restored to its authorised use after it was being used illegally to house caravans and temporary dwellings.

The Council employed a team of specialist contractors to enter a number of plots of land at Lodge Lane in order to achieve compliance with five planning enforcement notices, after the land-owners failed to achieve amicable compliance.

Between March 2019 and March 2021, the plots of land off Lodge Lane, which is situated in the Metropolitan Green Belt and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), changed use to become unauthorised caravan sites. In an effort to cease any further unauthorised activity occurring and to seek to restore the land to its authorised uses, the Council issued five planning enforcement notices on plots of land as well as two High Court injunctions covering these plots and the surrounding area.

Whilst retrospective planning applications were submitted by the land-owners in an effort to seek to regularise the unauthorised uses, these applications were refused planning permission by the Council and then subsequently dismissed at appeal by the Planning Inspectorate.

Despite the Council's efforts to seek amicable resolutions, the land-owners failed to comply with the enforcement notices and on 4 April 2022 the Council’s specialist contractors entered the land and undertook the works required. This work included the cessation of the use of the land as a caravan site, the removal of caravans, buildings, horse boxes and associated hardstanding. The Council will now be pursuing the costs incurred in undertaking this action from the registered land-owners.